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Can anyone explain

Can anyone explain why the Democrats don’t want to support children who attend failing schools with school choice options? That indicates the Democrats support the teachers over the students.

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President Biden states that unemployment is the lowest it has ever been, and more people are working now than any other sitting president. Then can anyone explain why SNAP (food stamps) has increased to $183,000,000,000.00 (that is $183 billion) from $113.8 billion, a $69.2 billion increase since President Biden took office?

Let me see, D.A. Krasner was elected in 2017. Recently, there was an incident involving a mother of two children and a dirt bike in Center City. The rider of the dirt bike broke the back window with the driver’s two children in the back seat. The driver confronted the dirt bike driver and was head-butted and threatened with a gun. Can someone explain why it took so long for D.A. Krasner to voice an opinion on crime? Remember a few years ago, there were millions of dollars in damages to stores and businesses and the only people arrested were two police officers.

President (King) Biden has done it again. This time he forgave student loan debt costing $9 billion. Since the loans are forgiven, can anyone explain who is going to pay for it?

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

No school, no learning

The schools are not failing the students. The students and parents are failing the schools. My husband taught full time in the Philadelphia school district for 33 years. Between substituting and full time I taught for 27 years in Abington, Lower Moreland, Neshaminy and Philadelphia at William Penn High School and Carver High School of Engineering and Science. The major difference between the “failing” schools and the successful schools is attendance. Teachers are up in front of the class every day doing their best to educate the students in front of them. That is not possible when it is a different group of students every day. Continuity of subject matter is impossible in that situation. Truancy is a major problem that must be addressed. Those who do not attend cannot learn.

Ronni Flitter


Money for the poor, not elections

Hardly a month goes by when a postcard that rips Kevin Boyle apart come in the mail. He started his new term in office last year. Why is this going on, when there is no upcoming election for him? These postcards must be expensive to mail, as well as having them printed. Whether or not he has done the wrong thing, it lacks respect. It would be better to give the money that these cards cost to the poor.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

Paying more

Why the large increase in auto insurance rates?

How about the city law where you can’t be stopped for any small infraction. How many of those drivers don’t have licenses and insurance? It increases uninsured and underinsured rates. Lack of prosecutions by the DA’s office for carjackings and stolen cars is a major problem in this city and it also causes rates to go up. The increase in premiums causes other drivers to drop their insurance, starting the circle over again. Maybe if City Council would stay out of the motor vehicle code and the DA would do his job, we wouldn’t be in this position.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Speak the truth

Like many seniors, I can hardly recognize the country I grew up in. The virtues of my childhood America are fading away.

When I see the Jew-hatred expressed at our universities, and the FBI targeting Catholic churchgoers, I know we are heading to a dark place. Yet, few protest.

The middle class is being crushed by inflation and taxes in the Biden economy, as TV ads run touting its success.

Children are being indoctrinated with sexual perversity, and against their parents’ values – yet we are silent.

Both parties seem content to rig the 2024 election right before our very eyes. Using the courts to stop your opponents is a big step toward a totalitarian state.

Yet, hardly anyone speaks up. Why?

Recent polling says over 60% of Americans are afraid to protest, in fear of losing their jobs and friends, or having their kids bullied at school.

I understand, but if we will not speak out, then we have no freedom of speech. What good is a Bill of Rights if no one will use them.

Senior citizens must become leaders in speaking up, because we have less to lose.

We don’t have to march in the streets, or plan a revolution – just commit to speaking the truth publicly when politicians, corporations or the media lie to us. Do not be silent.

The great dissident, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, imprisoned for his writings, later warned his fellow Russians: “live not by lies.”

America is now living by lies. We seniors must set an example — and live by truth.

Richard Iaconelli


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