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Can’t beat Culpeo

Culpeo found his way to Street Tails Animal Rescue after a brief stay at Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control.

He’s an absolute sweetheart and adores snuggling up for some quality couch time. His favorite pastime is perching on the back of the couch, observing the bustling sidewalk scene. Come bedtime, he happily burrows under the covers and is quite the late riser on weekends if allowed.

He’s a pro on the leash and enjoys outings to the park, where he eagerly meets furry pals of all shapes and sizes. Although he may feel a bit overwhelmed by larger dogs, he simply seeks comfort from his foster mom, showing his gentle nature.

Meeting new humans can be a bit daunting for Culpeo. He tends to feel nervous and may exhibit cautious behavior, yet he quickly warms up with a bit of treat bribery or a fun game of fetch.

If you’re seeking a well-mannered companion who adores snuggles and treats alike, Culpeo is eagerly awaiting his forever home. Despite his initial shyness, he’s a delightful little guy who just needs a bit of time and patience to show his true self.Culpeo is 1½ years old and would love a home with a doggy sibling his size. To adopt Culpeo or for more information, visit www.streettails.org or email delarosa@streettails.org. ••

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