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United for change

Because so many Americans are united for change, it has helped the Buy American Made Campaign message make a strong impact on the way America’s businesses are looking to manufacture more in the United States. What does that mean for us?

It means our fellow Americans are hearing how new jobs and job skills would add to the well-being of American workers and America’s economy.

It means that with more jobs and job skills and employment opportunities, we would see more products with the American-made labels and see more Americans able to earn a living based on their skills.

It means that Americans see the benefit of more industrial arts training, also known as trades programs, growing in America’s schools to meet the needs of America’s businesses for skilled workers.

It means that in addition to service-oriented jobs, a growing number of jobs in manufacturing, industrial arts, the trades, management, shipping and receiving, as well as research and development and sales, would expand employment opportunities here in the United States of America.

The most important thing is that Americans want to see at least a 50-50 balance of products sold in stores and on the internet available with “Made in America” labels.

Now that we are more united for change and see changes happening, let’s keep the movement going strong by getting more people involved so business owners and investors see that America’s consumers will reward American-based businesses by supporting their products and services.

Thanks for promoting our efforts to your family and friends. Email your suggestions to Michael@AmericanWorkersRadio.com.

Michael Blichasz


Biden’s not working for us

Biden, you wanted him, you got him.
Are the Biden voters happy with their choice for president, as long as it wasn’t Donald Trump?
Did Biden’s “Build Back Better” get any better than what Americans had under Trump’s “Make America Great Again?”
Let’s ask if Chicago, New York, Boston and the District of Columbia are happy with Biden’s open-border policies when these blue-state governors and mayors are declaring a state of emergency and requesting federal handouts in the billions to house, feed and accommodate millions of migrants.
Did Biden’s stance for unity help curb the recent violence and criminals running amok at New York’s Union Square as riots and looting broke out with thousands of rioters, or for that matter, any of the crime waves that are hitting American cities?
Did Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act help struggling Americans with higher gas prices, higher interest rates and a higher cost of living?
It’s funny that Biden’s IRA was to “fight inflation, invest in domestic energy production and invest in $500 billion in new spending.”
So far, the feds raised interest rates 10 times under Biden’s rule to higher borrowing costs for new homeownership, along with higher interest rates on credit cards where everyone is in debt.
And Biden certainly did not invest in domestic energy production, when we are still buying barrels of oil from overseas countries instead of Biden drilling for oil right here on our own soil.
And as far as the $500 billion in new spending, it went more over to Ukraine than it did to help Americans.
Did Biden’s Bidenomics help build back better?
Bidenomics, craponomics, whatever you want to call it, it ain’t working, and our country is in turmoil with Biden’s lies.
Biden’s failed leadership is nothing more than shoveling us a whole lotta jive turkey.

Al Ulus


Simple fixes

Here’s how to make Philadelphia’s Roosevelt Boulevard safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Synchronize the traffic lights to 45 mph. This will end speeding and red light running, and promote the smooth flow of traffic, reducing accidents.

Put crosswalks underground or build pedestrian bridges over the road. This will end pedestrian deaths.

The lights can be synchronized for free, and burying or elevating the crosswalks will be inexpensive.

Philadelphia and PennDOT have not done these simple fixes because they don’t generate tens of millions of dollars for government and camera vendors. These simple fixes only save lives.

Since you are the media, shouldn’t you be asking Philadelphia and PennDOT why they haven’t tried these simple fixes? All I see are articles promoting Harrisburg’s intentions to make Boulevard speed cameras permanent.

I hope you will ask why the Boulevard is being kept dangerous. Could it be the tens of millions of dollars extracted from Philadelphia’s economy each year by the speed and red light cameras? It’s a question worth asking. Thanks.

Tom McCarey


Sign petition for Boulevard subway

The Roosevelt Boulevard Subway is a project that has been close to my heart for years. This proposed SEPTA subway line, designed to run along Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia, has been on the drawing board since 1913. Despite its long history and promising studies over the years, no progress has been made as of 2024. In my eyes, this is way beyond unacceptable. Even though I don’t drive, traffic on Roosevelt Boulevard is atrociously bad and needs to be resolved. Yes, the SEPTA Regional Rail Trenton Line is an option, but is it enough? Maybe not. If a subway line were built under Roosevelt Boulevard, it would not only drastically reduce traffic congestion, but it would reduce motor vehicle accidents as well. And this is without mentioning that it would create numerous jobs opportunities for those who need them. Thus, there would be less homeless people on the streets. To achieve this goal, I wrote this petition: https://www.change.org/p/accelerate-the-development-of-the-roosevelt-boulevard-subway-in-northeast-philadelphia/exp/cl_/cl_sharecopy_37757684_en-US/3/1087436029?recruiter=1087436029&recruited_by_id=385d8db0-915e-11ea-aec8-e58d8675c320&utm_source=share_petition&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=petition_dashboard_share_modal&utm_medium=copylink&pt=AVBldGl0aW9uAPQiQAIAAAAAZWuUvDuGKPVlNTUwMzYwMA%3D%3D&utm_content=cl_sharecopy_37757684_en-US%3A3. Unfortunately, getting signatures on it is a constant struggle for me. I only have 151 signatures on it, but at this point I should be up to at least 1,000. I welcome you all to sign and share my petition.

Dante Medori


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