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Stolen equipment at Somerton Youth Organization

Northeast Detectives is investigating the recent theft of some heavy and valuable equipment from the fields at Somerton Youth Organization, 1400 Southampton Road.

SYO officials estimate the loss at about $30,000.

The equipment included a 24-foot-long football trap chute weighing 650 pounds and worth more than $3,000.

Also taken was a 5-row, 15-foot-long set of aluminum bleachers, along with football sleds and a mower.

The equipment, too big to be stored indoors, was kept in the back of the property, a little west of Self Help and near a wooded area. Due to the size of the equipment, SYO believes several individuals are involved and that they likely used a truck that entered the property by driving over the curbing on Southampton Road.

As for a motive, SYO believes scrappers could have been responsible.

Anyone with information can call Northeast Detectives at 215-686-3153. ••

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