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SEPTA should add ticket vending machines

The fact that SEPTA’s Regional Rail stations lack ticket vending machines outside of Center City is completely unacceptable. Almost every other commuter rail network in the United States has ticket vending machines in every station, but for whatever reason SEPTA doesn’t have the foresight to do that or even provide fare information or anything. In this day and age, that makes no sense at all. And I can say this from experience because I have written NJ Transit’s commuter rail network on many occasions and I have noticed that all of their stations have ticket vending machines regardless of whether they have human ticket agents or not. The SEPTA Key is difficult to use on Regional Rail because it is not easy to understand how it works. To resolve this issue, I have written this petition (https://www.change.org/Ticket_Vending_Machines). With this petition, I hope to make ticket vending machines in commuter rail stations mandatory under penalty of federal law. Unfortunately, getting signatures on this petition has been a constant struggle for me ever since I started it. I only have 478 signatures, but at this point, I should have at least 1,000 signatures. I welcome you all to sign and share my petition.

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Dante Medori


Denial of services

Kudos to Rep. Ben Sanchez from neighboring Abington for taking on big insurance.

At the recent Department of Human Services hearing, Sanchez called out Keystone First, the Independence Blue Cross for-profit subsidiary, for its unwarranted denial of services as documented by a federal audit.

Here’s hoping our home team, Northeast Philadelphia’s state reps and senators, will find the courage to do the same – and soon.

Reginald Mapp


Wake up, America

There has never been much doubt for me that it can be very difficult to defend the bizarre and sometimes idiotic things that Donald Trump unfortunately says, tweets or puts forth in his quest to win the White House again. However, I never hear the Biden sycophants pass their approval of the dangerous and pathetic policies and issues he has signed off on or shown support of — because they can’t.

OK with the border disaster? Make no mistake, our enemies are in our backyard, and cities and towns across America that once hollered, “Sanctuary,” are now, laughably, singing a different tune, as they should. OK with the economy and your paycheck’s bang for its buck? Sure, there are money people out there smarter than me who tell us how great things are. But my Spidey-sense tells me Democrats see the same inflation I do when I go shopping and I don’t think they are fine with it, either. OK with a male playing against their daughters and granddaughters and then walking around a locker room or bathroom with their equipment hanging out? Something tells me nope on that, too. And how about all the garbage that is connected with defunding the police, bail reforms and progressive judges and DAs who are more concerned with the welfare of criminals over victims, while they have 24-hour protection while the rest of us in Northeast Philly, Democrats and Republicans alike, now look over our shoulders almost everywhere we go?

I don’t think for a Mayfair minute any of you are OK with any of this nonsense. You all are good and decent people. But it all comes from the left side of the aisle, the team you cheer for. So while a lot can be said about “Biden’s predecessor” and some of his distasteful antics, who has and currently is doing far more damage to NE Philly as well as across this collapsing nation than the clown now in the White House? And please chill with this “threat to democracy.” Do you think for another Northeast Philly minute that Republicans would tolerate Biden’s predecessor trying to overturn the great way of life we all have long had? What is more of a threat to America than what is laid out in the second paragraph?

There will be lots more of the same if Biden gets reelected and my same Spidey-sense says there will be an awful lot of buyer’s remorse as America, whatever is left of it, will soon be no more. Biden’s predecessor, as annoying and crude as he can be, will also make sure this once-awesome place to live will continue to be the way we all want it to be. If still in doubt, please refer to paragraph 2. God bless us, all Americans, all wanting the same things.

James McCaffrey


A fix for schools

Ronni Flitter, I agree with you, the students and parents are failing the schools. You have correctly identified the problem, so going from here you must become the parent, first instilling knowledge of the virtues to becoming a decent, productive human being. Drop all the woke nonsense, teach stoic principles and critical thinking. Your school day must be longer, with three meals a day for students, vigorously enact and enforce truancy laws, the teachers union must support school choice, and competition is needed to keep both educations healthy. I will admit, with school choice becoming law, the public schools will be stuck with the students with no parental support. But then you know your base. Focus on that armed security for teachers and students and hire teachers with military backgrounds. Maybe what I am asking for is military schools, or something in between. Lastly, instill what is the difference between objective vs. subjective information.

The Deplorable Thomas Anderson

Holme Circle

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