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4 bad choices in the 172nd

Fox Chase and its surrounding communities aren’t going to get much of a choice when it comes to the April 23 primary election for the state rep seat for the 172nd. On one hand, you have two Republicans who can’t admit they’re Republicans on their websites or street signs and who have trotted out the same old zombie ideas of cutting taxes and red tape. When it comes to the issues, their lack of creativity draws a huge yawn. On the other side there are two Democrats: one incumbent, Kevin Boyle, and his primary challenger, Sean Dougherty.

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Rep. Boyle’s recent profanity-laced outburst at the Malt House staff is reprehensible and unacceptable. His question to the bartender, “Do you know who the **** I am? This bar is done tomorrow,” is indicative of exactly the narcissistic sense of entitlement to power that is antithetical to serving the public’s interests. Leadership is about humility and putting the needs of others ahead of your own – including the people serving you drinks. It’s time for Boyle to step down for his own sake and ours.

Dougherty is connected politically with the Dougherty family – an insider whose family backing means more nepotism and more of the same old insider politics that all citizens are fed up with – both Democrats and Republicans. Just ask my fellow Republicans who regularly contribute their thoughts here. They don’t want this, either. Finally, there is something we can agree on. But the upcoming April 23 primary election leaves little choice for the residents of the 172nd and this situation is exactly why people detest politics when trying to vote for the “best” candidate.

Unfortunately, it’s the residents of the 172nd who are going to suffer, whatever the outcome. Is there not someone in the 172nd who possesses the professional experience and the commitment to the best public service that we all deserve, and who is ready to fill the vacuum of leadership? The filing deadline for independent candidates is Aug. 1. The minimum required number of signatures to run for state rep is 300. That’s knocking door-to-door to talk to all voters and to ask them to sign a petition. But as election wisdom goes, you would ideally strive for 600 to avoid political opponents from arguing to throw out signatures, the intent of which is to push the count below the 300 signature minimum and disqualify such a candidate. And those opponents will try to do that in any case. If you know someone who might fit the bill, pass this article on to them. Or do it yourself. We need new leadership, and we need it now. You have 5 months to gather the signatures, pay a $100 filing fee and file your nomination papers with the required 300 signatures before the Aug. 1 deadline.

Ironically, right next door to the 172nd is the 202nd, represented by Jared Solomon, who is running for PA attorney general. I’ve known Jared for 20+ years and he’s a former colleague and we’re both grads of Villanova University. He possesses the virtues of a true leader: he’s a veteran, a hard-working family man with integrity who puts the needs of those he represents above himself. Jared is a creative problem solver whose diversified background allows him to build bridges, strengthen communities and identify opportunities to solve issues that affect all PA citizens. There isn’t a better choice than Jared Solomon in the upcoming April 23 primary for attorney general, and that’s why he has my vote. Philadelphia and Pennsylvania need more leaders like him, especially here in the 172nd.           

Michael A. Podgorski

Fox Chase

Close the border, Joe

I read the two letters lambasting Trump in the Northeast Times from two readers with acute cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

If you are willing to believe and pass on lies, you can say anything and feel proud of yourself. But a simple check of facts can lead to calmer, more rational assessments of Trump.

Here is a small list of ideas I disagree with that appeared in the first letter from the March 13 edition of the Northeast Times:

Biden has not closed the northern border or the southern border. Not only have many millions of illegals come into our country, now some are being flown in. Crime, future terrorism and who knows what else is the order of the day from many of these people.

Next I expect we will give them all the vote. Won’t that be special?

Biden doesn’t need Trump or legislation to close the border. Just like he opened it, Biden can close it on his own.

Blacks are flocking to Trump and will vote for him because they are not happy with Biden policies; all of these newcomers are harming workers of all races and religions in America.

To say Trump will be a dictator one day (in his own words) is to miss what Trump actually said. He joked that on the first day he had a lot to do and will go at it and Trump used the term dictator on the first day. Trump is funny. Those with TDS have no humor. And anyway, Biden has been the most dictatorial president in my lifetime (and he is not joking). I am 86 years old. I hate selective indignation.

Calling Putin Trump’s buddy is ludicrous. Putin would never have gone into Ukraine if Trump were president in 2021. If you think dictators were happier with Trump than they are now with Biden, you are not paying attention. Every bad actor in the world is involved in bad deeds because Biden is not stopping any of them. Biden’s Afghanistan “withdrawal” was disgraceful and murderous and shameful.

To say if Trump gets elected he will destroy our Constitution forever is also ludicrous. We know what Trump will do because he was president for four years and his administration allowed us more freedom and the opportunity to create more wealth for ourselves. I would love a repeat of those four years. Biden has made me poorer by far and his term isn’t even over. We have real things to compare from both the Trump and Biden administrations and can make conclusions easily from them. Here is just one. Interest rates at the end of the Trump administration were 3% and now they are 7% and rising. Try to buy a house now and compare it to buying one four years ago.

Trump 2024.

Janet Cantor


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