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We’re not better off under Joe

I read the two letters lambasting Trump in the Northeast Times from two readers with acute cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

If you are willing to believe and pass on lies, you can say anything and feel proud of yourself. But a simple check of facts can lead to calmer, more rational assessments of Trump.

Here is a small list of ideas I disagree with that appeared in the second letter from the March 13 edition of the Northeast Times:

I am proud to be MAGA and I am disgusted with Biden and his people. I am nobody’s sheep. It is Biden who distorts facts and ignores truth. Anyone who thinks we were better off these last few years than under Trump is not paying attention.

“Every MAGA member practices daily screaming.” I believe it is you who is doing the screaming. MAGA people love the Constitution and follow the law. And we don’t release rapists and murderers into society to do more crimes.

I am getting sick of being called a Nazi, a homophobe, a white supremacist, a violence lover. While Biden, etc. are doing this name calling they tell us, “Let’s bring Americans together and let’s bring civility back to the public square.” It would be funny if it weren’t so hateful. The left should be ashamed of its behavior these last few years.

Take a deep breath and pay attention and maybe you will see the error of your observations.

Trump 2024.

Janet Cantor


Homework, not shooting

What is happening to our young people?  To think that a 17-year-old, two 18-year-olds and a 19-year-old were involved in the shooting at Rising Sun and Cottman avenues. Many questions do exist. How did they have access to guns in the first place? And what goes on with their parents? Is there a sense of caring? Is there a sense of supervision? At their age, they should have been at home doing their homework, or working part time. Something is big-time wrong. Certainly the parents should be held accountable, too. 

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

It’s election season

Biden and the boys did an end run around the Supreme Court to start with student loan forgiveness. They forgot to mention the millions who repaid their loans. Not sure how they went around the Supreme Court ruling. First time I recall a president ignoring the Supreme Court.

Offering help with mortgages. I did not read it but some form of a monthly stipend. Again, looking for support.

Wants to increase the corporate tax rate to drum up support. The corporate world only passes it onto the consumer.

Wants to increase taxes on billionaires. Never mentions how much they already pay. They only take advantage of the tax laws written by the House and Senate and approved by the president.

The Dems want to change the work week to 32 hours.

Biden and my fave VP are visiting everywhere.

My guess is it must be an election year. What is your guess?

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

PS: When you vote this November please consider you may be electing our esteemed VP as president.

No support for Blvd. Subway

Is the 1920s idea of a Roosevelt Boulevard Subway still relevant today?

The current proposal is a 12-mile subway that features express trains to Center City. But the latter is no longer the epicenter of the region’s commerce and shopping. Plus, the proposal does nothing for the thousands of drivers who use both the Boulevard and its Extension to connect to and from I-76. Also, the projected 100,000 weekday riders (roundtrip), equivalent to the Market-Frankford Elevated, presupposes about 50,000 individuals will leave their cars and take the subway for at least one leg of their trip.

If this doesn’t seem realistic, it’s because transit ridership projections are notoriously optimistic, enhanced by consultants, contractors, unions and politicians for their own interests.

The recent NE Times article expressed this optimism. A 2026 groundbreaking assumed the required environmental studies were completed, funding approved and contracts let — not very likely. The comparison to I-95 was spurious. That was a no-bid, open-checkbook, above-ground fix with no relevance to the enormity of digging a 12-mile-long subway. And the planned Market-Frankford Subway-Elevated’s junction with the Boulevard Subway at Bustleton Avenue ignores the fact that the two systems operate on different gauges.

The Boulevard Subway’s proponents will find it challenging to convince the funding agencies to support this project.

Jules Cook


Get ghost guns gone

I am writing to thank state Rep. Martina White for voting for House Bill 777. NPR says that ghost guns are untraceable firearms with no serial numbers that can be assembled from kits, parts, or generated by a 3D printer. Anyone can buy them and assemble them, since they aren’t considered guns until they are assembled.

People who shouldn’t have guns, including kids, can get their hands on these destructive tools. The Philadelphia Police Department stated that 10 percent of the more than 6,000 guns used in crimes last year were ghost guns. And the U.S. Department of Justice launched a National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative to prosecute crimes committed with ghost guns.

House Bill 777 makes selling, transferring, manufacturing or personally assembling ghost guns a felony. Ghost gun owners must destroy or surrender them to law enforcement within seven days of the law’s passage or obtain a federal firearms license for it. Philadelphia already bans ghost guns, and they must be banned in Pennsylvania and everywhere else. House Bill 777 is a step in the right direction.

Jayson Massey


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