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Must be an election year

Every sixth year Bob Casey runs for reelection to the Senate. Rarely do you hear from him during his term. I doubt if he would run out of ink listing his accomplishments. He waits until about six months prior to election to start his media blitz. Now is the time for all pols to blame someone else for the problems.

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The new buzzwords for the Dems are Greedflation and Shrinkflation. Really? Biden and the boys are laying all the financial problems on big business. The financial problems started the minute Biden stepped into the Oval Office. The sad part is there are people who will buy into this. This is not to say that big business is blameless but get real Mr. President and Sen. Casey, the buck stops with you. 

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

Gill is the endorsed candidate

As the chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party, I write today to warn Republican voters of the deceptive and dishonest campaign being run by Patrick Gushue in the 172nd District.

In recent Facebook advertisements, Mr. Gushue promoted himself as the “Endorsed Republican.” He is not.

Only after a legal cease-and-desist letter from the Republican Party did Mr. Gushue change his advertisement with a very small disclaimer indicating he is not the endorsed Republican candidate – falling in legal compliance but still trying to deceive voters.

Mr. Gushue’s deceptions cannot hide the fact that only Aizaz Gill is the Republican Party’s endorsed Republican candidate for state representative. In fact, Mr. Gill earned the party’s unanimous endorsement after extensive interviews and questioning by our committee members.

Aizaz Gill has the ideas, proven leadership skills and deep roots in our community to go to Harrisburg and fight for safer streets, more jobs, fiscal discipline and better schools.

Mr. Gushue, sadly, has shown that he will do or say anything to win – even lie. That is not the type of candidate our community needs.

Whether by mail or at the polls, please join the Republican Party, Councilman Brian O’Neill, former Council members David Oh and Al Taubenberger and support Aizaz Gill for state representative.

Vince Fenerty


Philly GOP

Ol’ what’s-his-name

It is very hard not to have Trump Derangement Syndrome when he is a draft-dodging, moral degenerate. I am also 86 years old but I’m not senile yet. And I don’t believe the lies what’s-his-name tells. It amazes me that some people actually believe his garbage. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost because he said COVID-19 was a Democratic hoax. Didn’t do anything for two months. the border bill that was presented to Congress by the Republicans and accepted by the Democrats had a good chance of passing except that what’s-his-name told the Republicans not to accept it. Wish they had a backbone. What’s-his-name doesn’t want to solve the border problem because that is the only thing he can run on. Unless you are an American Indian, we are all immigrants. The old argument is that my ancestors came in legally. Unless you have proof of that, best to shut up. The only friends he has are other dictators. He isn’t funny, he is a disgusting egomaniac. As far as Afghanistan, Biden’s mistake was listening to the CIA and the Pentagon. We do know what he will do if he is elected, play golf and hire and fire people. Oh and by the way don’t forget to buy your Bible he is selling. That’s funny because he has broken most of the Commandments in the Bible.

Vince Mosiniak


Just wondering

Recently, inside the nation’s Capitol, there were demonstrators protesting, from both factions, the latest war in the Middle East. The Capitol Police were prepared for the protesters and had everything under control. Just wondering how the Capitol Police were not prepared for the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. For intelligence agencies that can tell you when Putin goes to the bathroom, how were they understaffed and ill prepared?

There were many Harvard University students and groups who signed a letter supporting the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel and blaming Israel. Now those students and groups who signed that letter are being blacklisted for their support, as in future employment. Just wondering if any of those students or groups criticized anyone in the past for actions, songs and writings that were detrimental to today’s values and principles.

During President Biden’s recent speech, he indicated that he wants $14 billion for Israel, $10 billion for humanitarian efforts, $7 billion for the Far East situation and $14 billion for the southern border. For Israel, humanitarian efforts and the Far East situation, that support is needed. But for the southern border, just wondering if this is a roundabout way to say his policies of an open border have not worked and now it is costing us billions for his administration’s mistakes. And the amount is the same as he requested for Israel. So, that indicates that the southern border is on the same level as this recent war.

Just wondering if this $14 billion that President Biden proposed is for the southern border to stop the immigrants from crossing the border or it is for the immigrants who are already in this country, especially New York, L.A., Chicago, etc. to help those cities support their share of the immigrants.

As soon as the recent war was started, most liberal media outlets were saying the $6 billion Iran received for the recent hostage agreement with Iran was not part of the support that Hamas received from Iran. Just wondering why when the hostage situation agreement came to realization, the liberal media hardly mention the $6 billion payments to Iran.

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

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