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Letters to the Editor

Traffic violations

Dear Mayor Parker, would you please do something about the rampant stop sign and red light disregard in this city. I see it every day, and drivers’ disregard about stop signs and red lights is absolutely abhorrent.

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May I suggest:

• Speed bumps at intersections with the highest number of accidents.

• A fine of $1,000 for running a stop sign or red light.

• Cameras at intersections with high rates of accidents.

• Loss of license after a second offense.

Mark S. Ritter


Buy American

In response to Michael Blichasz’s opinion about how hard it is to shop for USA-made stores (Walmart is trying), I would like to recommend two websites to help: unionlabel.com and https://www.allamericanclothing.com/.

Jason Trenchard


Repeal idiotic law

Coming back on a recent Saturday night, we saw a car just plow through the intersection at Solly and the Boulevard at a high speed after the light had already turned red about 5 seconds ago. Luckily, the vehicles traveling north and south hadn’t started to move yet. There have been several crashes at this intersection over the last 12 months with some serious injuries and at least one being fatal. I can’t even count how many times over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen morons just fly past stop signs. I blame much of this on the so-called driving equity law or as I call it (The Dying Equity Law), where some people get into their pea brains that they don’t need to stop at red lights and stop signs.

As if carjackings and shootings are not enough, Philadelphia residents now have to worry about serious injury or death even if they themselves are following all safety and traffic regulations. Some members in City Council don’t seem to think failing brakes, steering, windshield wipers, bad tires, etc. are not a safety hazard. This idiotic law, which is causing deaths and serious injury along with increasing insurance rates, has to be repealed and PA traffic laws enforced equally across the board regardless of race. Officers are apprehensive about pulling over vehicles with paper plates driven by persons of color for fear of being labeled racist. But some city officials are more concerned with protecting illegal immigrants and lawbreakers than they are law-abiding citizens.

Peter DiGiuseppe


Stop Trump before it’s too late

Recently, I saw a few Republicans state the reason our prices are so high was because of Congress. Trump’s Congress. I was very surprised. Obviously they were not MAGA people. They were honest, old-time, good people who were around when GOP stood for the Grand Old Party when they were for the people. Today’s MAGA people hear him when he rarely tells the truth, like he will be a dictator, and laugh. They say he is just joking. Are you serious? We know how much he loves Putin even if you deny it. When Putin attacked a free Ukraine he called him a genius. What worries me is the only time these people will ever realize who he really is is if he actually wins then he will prove to them how serious he is while he is destroying our country as Putin’s dictator buddy. Then it will be too late.

Rus Slawter


Tough love

Mayor Parker seems to have the right attitude on crime. Yet we continue to see mass shootings all over the city.

Parker is correct on the need to change the “culture.” Yet I wonder if this is all just talk.

Our schools are a mess. Violent, dysfunctional behaviors are common, and absenteeism is rampant.

This breakdown started when we banished religion from public schools. It has accelerated greatly with the “defund” the police mentality, and the blame game of demonizing white people.

Schools need to teach morals and self-discipline. Study and respect for the major religions would be a good foundation. That goes along with dress and behavior codes.

Let’s get back to “tough love,” even if we need regular police sweeps in and around schools. Too bad if faint hearts are offended.

Then the issue,we dare not discuss: parenting. Fatherless homes create angry young men. Our leftist politics really don’t want strong families. They want dependency. That contributes to the problem.

We need schools, churches and community groups to both value men and also hold them accountable. We can do both.

Finally, we need to challenge families to keep trash culture out of the home. Limit iPhones, television, video games. You can’t do much about kids, if mom and dad lazily support the crude, violent entertainment being peddled by the media.

If Mayor Parker wants to solve the problem of violent youth, she better be ready and willing to offend a lot of people.

Richard Iaconelli


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