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Picozzi looks to November

Joe Picozzi was unopposed in last week’s Republican primary in the 5th Senatorial District, but estimated he talked to 800 people at a dozen polling locations.

The campaign had 20 people working the polls.

Picozzi, who turned 29 a day before the primary, said he believes voters want change that can come from younger candidates. He faces Democratic Sen. Jimmy Dillon.

“I’ve never felt better about the campaign than I did today,” he said after the polls closed.

Picozzi’s top issues include school choice and standing up for first responders.

Looking ahead to the general election, he believes voters will reject political dynasties and choose him and Aizaz Gill, the Republican nominee in the 172nd Legislative District, who will take on Democrat Sean Dougherty.

“People want change,” he said. “The Republican Party is going to be the story in November in Northeast Philly.” ••

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