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Letters to the Editor

Cheat sheet

Our president was greeting the prime minster of Iraq. He had his greetings written down on cheat sheets in the form of what looked like index cards. My guess is someone probably wrote them out for him. The prime minister actually looked embarrassed. This is actually on YouTube. This is scary that the man in charge has reached this point and the backup plan would even be worse. God better bless America.

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Give it some thought.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

P.S.: Bob Casey would not need to sharpen his pencil writing down his accomplishments since he has been in office.

Should have kept the money

I want to thank David Chester for his spot-on opinion titled Caving to Trump’s Whims

I have one more thing to add. My husband (a former Republican) mentioned how ironic it is that Trump went to all that trouble to pay hush money to a porn star, and his base wouldn’t have cared that he had a fling with a porn star to begin with. Family values, I think not. 

Eileen Teti

Castor Gardens

Trump doesn’t follow the law

I enjoyed the April 3 letter “We’re not better off under Joe.” The writer made a compelling argument for her position but for the fact that there wasn’t a shred of evidence in her screed — just vague, unsupported generalizations. She proudly proclaims, “MAGA people love the Constitution and follow the law.”Really? As to the former, hasn’t Trump proudly promised that he’d be a dictator on day one if re-elected? Love for the Constitution? As to following the law, Trump has made known that, if re-elected, he’d free the hostages. Those taken by Hamas? The Ukrainian citizens abducted by Russia? No, not those hostages, silly. Rather, the well-meaning “tourists” convicted of storming the Capitol Jan. 6, assaulting 130 police officers, and desecrating the shrine. Yeah, those hostages. Following the law? I must admit, however, that sleeping with a porn star while his wife was giving birth to their son is not a crime. I suspect that many a scumbag has been there, done that, and gone unpunished by the law. But paying hush money to said porn star to keep his deed under wraps [pun intended] before an election is indictable. Not to mention inciting a riot,  scheming to overturn an election, making sleazy phone calls to Georgia, arranging for false electors, refusing to return classified documents (stashing them in bathrooms, instead) and pawing women, as confessed in the Access Hollywood tapes. But I nitpick. Following the law? Give me a break.

Trump (in jail) in 2024.

Dennis Sing


The many faults of Trump

I just love some of the zany things the Trump supporters write here. In the March 20 issue, someone wrote that “it can be very difficult to defend the bizarre and sometimes idiotic things that Donald Trump unfortunately says … ” And I think to myself, you don’t say. I just don’t know how these people do it. It’s gotta be darn tough to constantly defend a guy who’s an adjudicated rapist (liable in a civil case for sexual abuse) and a convicted fraudster and liar. Trump called members of our military “suckers” and “losers” but recently saluted the Jan. 6 “hostages” as he likes to call these convicted criminals – criminals he’s promised to pardon as soon as he is president again. As a normal person would, I’m always left scratching my head when people defend or rationalize Trump’s behavior. This Trump supporter went on to admit that what Trump says is “crude” and “annoying” but that just skims the surface. Trump is irresponsible, insane, dangerous, psychopathic, and he disregards reality.

This Trump supporter goes on to misdiagnose the major issues facing our nation by blaming all the problems on the guy who’s trying to clean up the mess – Biden – rather than the guy who caused them. Look, everybody knows that everything is more expensive after the pandemic, but everybody also knows that prices are not going to go back down, so I don’t see the point in complaining. If you’re still aggrieved, blame Trump. He had one crisis, the COVID-19 outbreak, and he blew it, and tanked our economy, and that’s why inflation spiked in the post-COVID years. Are you worried about the border crisis? Blame Trump. He had four years to fix it, but he didn’t, and he recently pulled his puppets’ strings in Congress to make sure a proposed border security bill never even goes up for a vote. The bill is the toughest and strictest in recent U.S. history. But the border crisis must not be too much of a crisis if the whole nation can wait another year or two … But it is and has been a major issue, as we all well know, and the MAGA Republicans aren’t willing to lift a finger to fix it because they’re going to hold voters hostage until they get their guy in there.

So how do we fix this? Well, this Trump supporter is relying upon his “spidey-sense” to predict that our nation “will soon be no more.” He asserts that the nation is already “collapsing” and apparently believes that we are all looking “over our shoulders almost everywhere we go” and that “our enemies are in our backyard.” Except that’s not how most people think. Most people don’t live in some kind of siege mentality. They’re just trying to get a job done. Another recent Trump-supporting contributor here wrote a nearly incomprehensible piece, talking about TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome. I don’t know what TDS is, but it doesn’t sound like something anybody wants to catch. Maybe we can expect a vaccine soon enough. But I do agree with one thing this contributor wrote: “Trump is funny.” He sure is. Let me tell you, he makes me laugh and laugh until my sides are splitting. But seriously, we need serious candidates who understand optimism and know that cynicism is cheap, lazy and an excuse of people who are weak-minded, short-sighted and unimaginative. Optimism means work, but optimism is our decision, our responsibility and our future. This is America, and optimism lives in our souls, and that’s something Biden understands as a core American value.

Michael A. Podgorski

Fox Chase

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