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Is Lula right for you?

Lula is absolutely adorable. At 7 years old and 13 pounds, she really hates it when someone tries to take her bed, food, toys or comes near her people. She would not do well in a home with other pets or children and does not like company.

Lula is active and can jump a 4-foot fence. She chases anything that comes in her yard, catching flies and almost catching squirrels and rabbits. She barks if she hears a noise. Lula loves going on walks, but does not like strangers approaching her.

Once Lula learns to trust you, she is loyal and lovable and wants to be pet and held. Lula loves car rides and food. She loves her toys and sleeping in her dog bed with a blanket that she prefers to put on herself. Lula is healthy. No regular medications or mobility issues. She is super intelligent and housetrained (but hates the rain).

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