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Down goes Krasner

In the first 100 days of being sworn in as leader of this city, Mayor Parker has talked about making it safer in Philly for its residents. The mayor has hit home that the police will do their job but need, in so many words, the district attorney to do his job. For six years Krasner has been in charge and recently Krasner announced a new prosecution unit targeting people who repeatedly break gun possession laws in the city.

After Krasner’s office announced his new plan, it appears to be smoke and mirrors. This is something that he should have been doing six years ago and now he is making it look like he is doing something about guns.

Now think about this, with the rising gun crisis the last six years, that started with Krasner’s being elected, why did he wait until April 15 to announce this gun plan. Round one to Mayor Parker.

Three years ago, Krasner announced that his “administration pledged to treat system-involved youth as kids and reform the juvenile justice system by working to make it fairer, more rehabituative and less retributive.” On April 10, there was a shooting at the Eid al-Fitr gathering in West Philly where 33 shell casing were found. Fortunately, no one was killed but there were three shooting victims. It was announced that four teens (juveniles) were arrested and charged as adults. Round two to Mayor Parker.

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Biden has reverse Midas Touch

Since I was called out by David Chester, methinks I will respond. After reading your piece, your commentary did not disappoint. Bless your heart. We should all be grateful that you have been sitting in board meetings with some heavy hitters, sharing with us the difference between inflation and greed. Comes in handy when shopping.

Then I open the May 15 NE Times and see a wave of blue ink, not much happy with The Donald. The family values attributed to Trump remind me of the Bidens disowning their granddaughter. And can you imagine Hunter jazzing around with his brother’s widow after he sadly lost his life? Yep, those White House people are really something, aren’t they? 

As far as Trump breaking any laws, that sure ain’t cool. And even though all the Biden family members, down to the grandkids, saw their bank accounts go through the roof from the millions the clown in the White House made by selling out America to some of our adversaries, no need to worry about any laws being broken. Why nitpick over something like that.

I’m glad it was pointed out that I misdiagnosed some major issues in America. The George Floyd “peaceful” riots that Democrat leaders across this nation approved of and took much delight in, they were ‘ol Donald’s doing. My bad for noticing the “liberal silence” all summer. The pandemic, defund the police movement, giving our good buds, Iran, several billion dollars, bizarre support for DEI (Didn’t Earn It), males competing with gals and the border disaster, yep, Trump’s fault, too. He should have never allowed 10 million unvetted illegals enter this country the past three-and-a-half years. Blue cities like New York, Chicago and LA may now dispute that. Why? And let’s not even mention the growing social disorder going on across the USA, pushed along by people like Uncle Larry Krasner, Bragg, Gascon and an America-hating Soros.

I guess when you live in Fox Chase, 2,000 miles from the border, for some people, there is no need to worry about what is going on in our backyards. But bless your heart also. My “spidey-sense” tells me that most good folks from that great neighborhood would disagree with that, whether from the left or right. America is in crisis in many areas of daily life. Thanks to the NE Times, different viewpoints can be shared. The one coming from me says Donald Trump, with all his flaws that I admit to (calling balls and strikes), is best suited to lead America the next 4 years. Clearly, Biden has the Midas Touch, everything he touches turns into a muffler. God bless America!

James McCaffrey

Mayfair proud 

Education budgets are crucial

At this time of year, education budgets in state and local communities across America are being finalized for the upcoming 2024-25 school year. We encourage everyone to contact your local school district office and urge them to promote curriculums that will prepare America’s youth for the jobs now available and for job opportunities in the future.

We all know that reading, writing and math skills are very important, but we also need to be focused more on the jobs needed to replace people who are retiring from the workforce as well as the new type of job opportunities being created every day. In America’s high schools, it should be mandated that every student be offered classes that would place them on the path to a long-term career. Students should be encouraged to consider professions like medicine, education, law and business. They should also be offered hands-on classes for the trades such as construction, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, welding and manufacturing. All of these careers are very important to American businesses and the future of America’s economy.

As school boards meet to finalize their budgets, school superintendents need to hear directly from you, the parents and taxpayers who want a more realistic look at how students are being prepared for the ever-growing workforce in the United States. When you call, let them know you want your tax dollars to be used for an education that will offer your children career opportunities that will benefit them for a lifetime. Let them know that you feel graduates should be ready to apply for one or several jobs upon graduation from high school.

Kindly spread the word to your family and friends and call your local school superintendent’s office as soon as possible. Email your suggestions to Michael@AmericanWorkersRadio.com.

Michael Blichasz


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