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Stop the campus violence

Why is it that some colleges are acting out? It has become a known fact that someone is paying people who will incite violence. Makes you wonder, why? What has happened to Martin Luther King’s famous words, “I have a dream.” He at the time had a different vision, but such words should be put in place now. To treat each other with respect, a sense of care for someone who practices a different religion, who comes from a different country. What a dream that would be. A dream that should come true.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

Waste of money

Considering Penn State’s enrollment has dropped 14% since 2019, students are buried in student loans, tuition and state funding goes up every year, I can find better places to put the $700M they want to use for a quasi-pro stadium. 

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale


Notice: To all dogs, big and small. Come one come all. You are invited to partake in the latest fad that is sweeping Northeast Philly. Come and poop anywhere that you please, sidewalks, streets, lawns, steps, etc. And the best part is, your owners aren’t cleaning up after you. Is it Poopadelphia or Pigadelphia? Maybe the residents can use what you leave behind as fertilizer in the next city elections.

Mark Ritter


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