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So long, Father Mike Olivere

Our dear pastor, Father Michael Olivere, will be leaving St. Timothy Parish and Blessed Trinity Elementary School after 11 years. Father Olivere has been a great pastor, mentor and friend to so many. We will miss him dearly. Our community feels sad to lose such a wonderful pastor. We wish him much happiness and know his new parish will love him as much as we do. Father Olivere has been there for all the good times and tough times for so many of us. You could always count on Father for a laugh and advice in time of need. Thank you, Father Olivere and Father Andrew Lane, we will truly miss you both.

Kimberly Gatto


Park playground can be a good thing

I am the person who got the ball rolling to convert the playground at Tustin and Verree Road, in Fox Chase, from a standard playground to one for special-needs children in 2013.

The reason for my writing is to enlighten some readers who, in the May 29 story Winchester Park opposes park playground, made such comments as, “Shut it down,” “We never asked for it,” “Disneyland of riff raff” and how special-needs children should not be around enabled children who are “acting like animals.” These unruly children should be disciplined because what parent would want their child around an undisciplined child whether their child is disabled or enabled? A playground that allows disabled and enabled children to play together affords them the privilege to learn about each other and tear down the barriers to discover that these children are very much like themselves. There shouldn’t be segregation. Segregation only encourages fear and ignorance.

The equipment proposed by Marvel was thought out. It is designed toward children between the ages of 2 and 12. A basketball court is not being added for the sole reason of not drawing teenagers and young adults to the playground. However, the existing pavilion and picnic tables can draw riff raff to the Pennypack. Why are people not up in arms about their existence? I’m not suggesting their removal but making a point. A solution is that a Mosquito anti-loitering device can be installed to keep away people who are 25 and younger in addition to being locked up at night.

A playground in the park isn’t the park’s problem. Perhaps, even the lack of park rangers isn’t an issue. I can say with certainty, it’s the citizens who come to the Pennypack and disrespect it by dumping, riding ATVs, holding their picnics and leaving their trash behind, doing and/or dealing drugs or working in the oldest profession. Address these issues and you have the park, community and neighborhoods you want to be proud of. I don’t know what to say about the homeless in the park. They are not wanted and I understand that because you don’t know what type of people they are but can that not be said about the people who use the park every day and are not homeless? Have a heart for the homeless who live in the park. They just may be down on their luck and have no place else to go.

Karen Kaczorek


Write in Nikki Haley

This is in response to two letters in the 5/15 NE Times.

I was registered Democrat and split my ticket until Biden became president. I changed to Republican after Philly’s mayoral primary. Biden is the worst USA president we have ever had. China, Russia and Iran are thrilled. If we had a Mount Rushmore of shame, I’d nominate him, Carter, Nixon and Obama for inclusion.

I did not want to see a rematch of 2020, like 71% of Americans. Another reason I changed parties is to vote for Nikki Haley. I did in the primary and still will in the general.

Is Trump a nice guy? Has he always told the truth? No to both. Not to say he rates inclusion on Mount Rushmore, but he was infinitely better for USA and the world as a whole as president than Biden has been. To wit, both letters deride the slogan MAGA. In response, I ask why they object to America being great? Biden has told some whoppers: Like commiserating with Gold Star families comparing a soldier dying in combat to his son, who didn’t. How about graduating at the top of his class? An uncle eaten by cannibals? Made real international friends with that one.

The Jan. 6 riot was mentioned. Disgusting. But how many people went to prison for the Floyd riots? They went on for a month and caused billions in damage.

Ukraine and Israel? Everyone forgets how Biden said it’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion. Wonder if he was talking to Hamas or Putin? Seems like both to me. Then there was Poland offering fighters to Ukraine very early in the “incursion” that Biden blocked. Why?

Classified documents? Well, why did Bden have them from his VP and Senate days when he wasn’t even in the chain of command?

Trump is later described as “irresponsible, insane, dangerous, pyschopathic.” Addressing dangerous, there were fewer people killed in foreign wars in all Trump’s presidency than one year under Biden. Having seen dementia, I wonder if Biden isn’t in some stage of it.

Trump is blamed for “tanking the economy” and inflation in the “post-COVID years.” Well, shouldn’t he then get credit for development of the vaccine? Odd thing about the “post-COVID years.” Biden is president, not Trump. And how was that $7 gas?

I’ll wrap up by repeating Nikki Haley is my choice for president. Hope she runs again in ’28.

Joe Jackson


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