Home News Calling for an end to the persecution of Pakistani Christians

Calling for an end to the persecution of Pakistani Christians

Ambassador Masood Khan, Aaron Bashir
Aaron Bashir and others await the arrival of Ambassador Masood Khan.

Aaron Bashir, the Republican candidate in the 2nd Congressional District, held an event to stand in solidarity with the Pakistani-American Christian community at Christos Mar Thoma Church, 9999 Gantry Road.

The group called for an end to the persecution of Christians in Pakistan and welcomed Masood Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States.

Security was tight upon Khan’s arrival, as he and the crowd ate lunch, followed by prayer, reflection, the Pledge of Allegiance, a slide presentation, video documentary and remarks by the ambassador, Bashir and others.

Bashir and the others concerned with the persecution of Christians by extremists in Pakistan say the police, backed by the civilian administration, have failed to protect citizens in blasphemy cases. They want a blasphemy hotline installed and the army to preside over blasphemy cases.

The Pakistani-American Christian community say Christians practicing their religion in Pakistan are subject to the loss of churches, houses and their lives, along with general misery. They want to save Pakistan from becoming “Blasphemistan.” ••

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