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Asking for your vote

Just asking?

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In the recent editions of this wonderful publication, we have seen a regurgitation of the same arguments for and against Biden and Trump. The same rehashing of the same nonsense from 2016 and 2020. Yawn! Boring! It is now 2024, and the bigger question is what is happening right under most people’s noses. What question is that you ask?

That question is why is Mr. Trump trying to talk to new and different segments of the population in 2024? Why is Trump asking for Democrats, independents and Libertarians support? 

Trump is just asking?

Why is Trump trying to grow his base and expand the electoral map in his now 3rd run for the White House? Why is President 45 (who received 62 million votes in the 2016 election and then 74 million votes in the 2020 election) now asking for the votes of young people, Latinos, African Americans, union members and even Libertarians in the 2024 election? Groups that have overwhelmingly rejected his campaigns before.

Trump is just asking?

We have been told by the pundits and critics that the 2024 rerun election of Biden vs Trump is strictly a base election. Mr. Biden has been campaigning in Pennsylvania, Georgia, California, etc., hitting his greatest hits, the same old, same old issues on abortion, democracy at risk and his favorite, Trump’s Mega MAGA supporters are “racist.” The same old tune from 2020, in front of 50-100 people of his most loyal supporters. No mention of inflation, the southern border or endless foreign wars overseas. Not a very inclusive message. Why is Biden not asking?

Trump is just asking?

The Trump campaign goes to the Bronx on a recent evening, with 5,000 to 8,000 people in attendance, and he is talking about crumbling tiles off the roofs of subway cars and food prices of hamburgers going sky high and school choice for all children. The liberal media and RINO establishment uni-party very predictably call the speech “a stunt.” New York Gov. Hochul calls the attendees of this speech “clowns.” Why make fun of your constituents, governor, when Trump is in town?

Trump is just asking?

Never mind that the crowd was at least 50 percent minority that night in deep blue New York City. See if you go see “Orange-man” in person, then you are a “deplorable” and a “clown.” If you are a person of color and do not support Biden, then “you ain’t black.” Never mind that the Bronx has not voted Republican since Calvin Coolidge in 1924. Trump still went and listened to Democrats of color who voted for Biden in 2020.

Trump is just asking? 

Trump then addresses the Libertarian Convention in Washington, D.C., and gets roundly booed for 35 minutes while seeking their support and endorsement. Never mind that a Republican candidate for president has never before spoken to the Libertarian Convention.

Trump is just asking?

Trump is running a much more inclusive, more expansive, grassroots campaign than he has ever run before. Maybe it is time to take some advice from my late father.

He used to tell me that if you really wanted to take the true measure of a man then, … “keep your eyes open, keep your ears open and keep your mouth shut.”

Listen to the man and his message.

Trump is just asking?

Trump is asking for all Americans’ support and vote. Maybe you have never considered voting for him before. Maybe you never will now. However, respect the man who is campaigning in deep blue Minnesota, deep blue New Jersey, deep blue New York and putting up with the catcalls and boos. This is a man who lost over $700 million of his personal wealth since running for president 9 years ago. He doesn’t need to be doing this. Yet this man takes the slings and arrows because he loves this country and he loves its people. Respect that. Respect the man who knocks on your door and asks for your support and your vote. Respect the man in the arena.

Trump is just asking?

Finally remember what the man asked in 2016, “What the hell do you have to lose?” He’s not taken you or anyone else for granted. Has Biden?

What about Trump? He’s just asking.

John Farley


Water customers being soaked

In regard to Jeremy Wilczynski’s letter, Tax bill from hell, if our water bill is to include usage, service and stormwater charges, then these three charges should be assessed in the same way. All three charges must be based on a percentage proportional to the usage. In my opinion, it seems quite unfair that we all pay the same for the service and stormwater charges. This is especially true if the household who uses only one or two CCF is paying the same for these two charges as the household that may use 10 or more CCF. It appears that the Department of Revenue is (pardon the pun) “soaking us”‘ for as much as the general public will tolerate.

Ron Farbman


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