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Need speed cushions?

Do you want to calm traffic on your block?

The city is focusing on installing permanent asphalt speed cushions as its preferred measure, as speed cushions are quicker to design and install than other types of traffic calming.

The program is primarily intended for residents to request traffic calming for the streets where they live. Residents may also request traffic calming at nearby locations, such as a street by a school or library.

If your request is approved, you must submit a petition signed by at least 60 percent of the residents on the block.

Eligible blocks must be at least 400 feet long between stop signs or traffic signals, and be at least 26 feet wide (for one-way streets) or 34 feet wide (for two-way streets).

A street must not be a state highway or be a curving street.

Residents can call 311 to check the location’s eligibility. A request should be submitted only once.

The city will look at crash data and the street’s proximity to schools, parks, recreation centers, retirement homes or older adult homes.

Speed cushions are typically installed from May to October.

To request speed cushions, go to phila.gov, click “Services,” then “Streets, sidewalks & alleys,” and “Request traffic calming for a residential street.” ••

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