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Philly Stories: All Public and Parochial Schools are Closed

Charles Wiedenmann

By Charles Wiedenmann

It was a winter morning in 1975 when the children of Lawndale awoke to a delightful surprise — the world outside had been transformed into a winter wonderland overnight. The soft, powdery snow had blanketed the streets, creating a playground for the excited kids. News quickly spread: all the schools in Philadelphia were closed for the day.

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Armed with their sleds and bundled up in layers of winter clothing, a group of friends gathered at the edge of their neighborhood. The air was crisp, and their breaths formed small clouds as they plotted their course to the Melrose Golf Course, where the hills promised an epic day of sledding.

The journey to Melrose was an adventure in itself. As they trudged through the snow-covered streets, the children’s laughter rang out, and their mittens were filled with snowballs playfully tossed among friends. The anticipation of the day ahead filled the air as they approached the vast, snow-covered landscape of the golf course.

The hills at Melrose were legendary among Lawndale’s kids, and on this special snow day, they proved to be a winter paradise. Sleds zipped down the slopes, leaving trails of excitement in their wake. The air was filled with cheers and laughter as children took turns conquering the hills, their sleds performing daring spins and jumps.

As the day unfolded, the sun glistened on the snowy landscape, casting a magical glow over the scene. The children, rosy-cheeked and exhilarated, embraced the pure joy of winter. Their snow-covered adventures continued until the sun began its descent, casting long shadows on the glistening landscape.

With rosy cheeks and tired but content smiles, the kids trudged back home as the sky turned shades of pink and orange. Their fingers and toes tingled with the cold, but their hearts were warmed by the memories of a day filled with laughter and shared adventures.

Arriving home, the children shed their winter gear, and the aroma of hot cocoa filled the air. Gathered around the kitchen table, they sipped on steaming mugs, sharing stories of their spectacular day on the Melrose hills. Tales of daring descents, snowball fights and the thrill of winter filled the room with joy.

As the evening unfolded, the warmth of hot cocoa and the echoes of shared laughter became the perfect conclusion to a magical snow day. Lawndale’s children, their spirits lifted by the enchantment of winter, drifted off to sleep with dreams of snowy hills and endless adventures, grateful for the unexpected gift of a day filled with friendship and laughter. ••

Charles Wiedenmann is author of Lawndale, Stories from my Youth: Growing up in Northeast Philadelphia in the ‘60s and ‘70s and the recently released novel Island Serenade. His books are available by going to amazon.com and typing in his name.

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