Health center to open in NE

Expanding aid: A New-Courtland Living Independently for Others Center will open at Harbison Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard.

A NewCourtland Living Independently for Elders Center will open at Roosevelt Plaza, at Harbison Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard.

The new center will offer healthcare and supportive services to individuals 55 or older and in need of nursing home care, but who prefer to remain in their own home.

Healthcare services provided at the new LIFE Center will include primary care; physical, occupational and speech therapy; and scheduled care by specialists.

Supportive services will include adult day services; programs and activities; meals; and counseling by social workers.

NewCourtland provides transportation to and from the center and even to and from specialist appointments outside of the center, when needed. In addition, NewCourtland offers home care and will make home modifications to accommodate health-related issues.

The new LIFE Center will include 10,000 square feet of space. ••