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Letters to the Editor: October 7, 2015

Thanks, Officer Carey

We would like to take the opportunity to publicly thank our neighbor and police officer Shawn Carey of Clayton Street for coming to our family’s assistance during a recent rainstorm.

Our home’s roof drain was blocked with dirt and debris during the torrential downpour, so that two feet of water accumulated on our roof and started to leak into our home.

Shawn came to our rescue by calling a neighbor to obtain a ladder that would reach up to our roof and removed the blockage, allowing the water to run off.

Had Shawn not come to our rescue, we would have suffered a tremendously expensive cleanup that would have been a disastrous mess.

Shawn consistently exhibits compassion and caring for his neighbors, and he should be commended for his most recent efforts, as he gave new meaning to the motto “to protect and serve.” Thank you so much for being there, Shawn, when we needed you.

The Glenn Family

Frankford Avenue is a mess

Three weeks ago the much needed and highly anticipated resurfacing of Frankford Avenue was completed. So imagine how dismayed I was on the following Tuesday morning when on my way to my local pharmacy I see the Streets Department digging up and doing repairs to the newly resurfaced road. From Linden Avenue to the 8700 block of Frankford Avenue, the road is a mess again. I just hope it is emergency work, or someone has a lot of explaining to do.

John Mikula

Academy Gardens

We need gun control

Once again, a mass shooting has taken place in our nation. It is shocking to realize that America has the highest rate of shootings, than any other country in the world. Mind you the highest. The Constitution allows the right to have arms, but it does not say how many guns a person can have. Nor, does it say that a person can purchase assault weapons.

Legislators should ban the ability to purchase such weapons and restrict the number of weapons that someone can have. If our legislators continue to be ignorant and not make changes, we will continue to have blood shed.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

All lives matter

Yes, black lives matter. All lives matter regardless what your color, race or creed. But we just can’t state this when a person dies. Espousing slogans after one’s death; you are too late.

For “All Lives Matter” to be true, you have to yell it from the moment one is born. If you are the mother, father or guardian, no matter what your color, race or creed, you must never do anything to jeopardize the life of the fetus during pregnancy; after the birth, never abandon the child or refuse to accept your responsibility; encourage, support and provide academically, socially, physically and mentally, to the best of your ability, this child completely through their maturity; teach and model respect, instill morals, values and ethics every chance you get.

Put into practice these suggestions and many of society ills will be solved. With so many senseless deaths in this country, just think of all the potential we lose on a daily basis.

All because of the current culture we have created and by not objecting to this status quo coupled with our silence, we give our tacit approval.

Ron Farbman


Service van for vets

On Thursday, Oct. 8, the Disabled American Veterans Mobile Service Van will visit my office, 19 South York Road, Hatboro from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to assist any veteran who wishes to file a disability claim or has questions or concerns regarding benefits earned from their military service. All veterans will be able to meet with a DAV National Service Officer who will answer any inquiries they may have. All meetings are held on a walk-in basis, so no appointment is required. Our services are completely free of charge to veterans and their families.

The National Service Officers are professionally-trained to offer the highest quality of counseling and claim filing assistance available.Veterans are encouraged to bring any documentation that relates to their disability including their DD 214. Anyone with questions is encouraged to call my office at 215–674–3755.

Rep. Thomas P. Murt

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