Letters to the Editor: December 9, 2015

Wolf, Kenney have no sense

n response to Al Ulus’ letter of Dec. 2, I have to agree with Al 100 percent on his letter to Tom Wolf and Jim Kenney. Where are Wolf’s and Keeney’s common sense, and concern for the people in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania?

After watching NBC 10’s “The Faces Of Homeless Youths,” I am not only offended, I’m outraged. This segment showed our own homeless youths age 18 to 21 in Philadelphia only. How many homeless youths do we have in Pennsylvania? The segment said that we have approximately 30,000 or more in the U.S. That’s outrageous, that Wolf and Kenney want to bring in illegals/refugees and not show any concern for these youths.

If you want to spend taxpayer’s money, spend it on our own people, not illegals/refugees who are taking and getting everything free and making the taxpayers pay their bills. Pennsylvania is in bad financial debt already and you want to increase this debt. Common sense is a good thing to use when making decisions. Use it.

I believe in helping our fellow man, but I also believe helping begins at home first and so should all our elected officials instead of constantly passing the burdens to the taxpayers.

Pennsylvania’s elected officials are well aware that the majority of Pennsylvanians do not want any more illegals/refugees brought here, but you ignore us.

If you want illegals/refugees here, be my guest and take them home with you. This country has had enough of all the illegals/refugees already here and supporting them.

Judy Brock


Teen shooter not a good kid

They must have changed the criteria from when I was younger for being a “good kid” (per the father of the boy who allegedly shot the state trooper on TV).

“Good kids” didn’t drive unregistered cars, are underage with access to a stolen gun, shoot at state police, have two prior convictions, and driving with friends when at least one is on probation during school hours.

Could the change in criteria be the reason we are now dealing with tax credits for ex-cons, job application questions and Mayor-elect Kenney stating the city should hire ex-criminals?

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

More respect for cops

While I was at the gym recently, a young woman on a treadmill next to me was telling a friend about her brother who is a police officer in Hunting Park and routinely has rocks thrown at his police car by ignorant, ill-informed anti-police simpletons. If these people hate the police so much, maybe police presence should be removed from those areas. I would give it less than two hours before people beg to see a police car again in their neighborhoods.

If they weren’t too busy taking the rocks between their ears to throw at the police cars, they might realize that the presence of police is the only thing keeping their neighborhoods from looking like war zones.

As with any group, there a few bad apples in the bunch. But most police officers are good, honest, hard-working people who choose a career in law enforcement because they want to protect and serve. And they deserve the gratitude and respect from the public for taking a risk every time they go to work.

So if you feel that way, the next time your house is being broken into, don’t call the police. Because after the police, who will be coming to your aid? Nobody.

Peter DiGiuseppe


We have a trash crisis

I would like to respond to the article “Philadelphia growing pickier about recycling efforts.” As far as cleaning my trash, that is not going to happen. There are only two people in my home, me and my wife who works. My water bill is $50 a month, and that is more than gas or electric in the spring and fall.

Miss Sands (Recycle Coordinator) now wants us to check every piece of paper for a waxy coating. The fact that they throw the papers in with everything else and condense it together, I would think no paper is worth anything. First they scare and anger everyone with tickets for one piece of recycle material in your trash, now they want you to help them make a buck.

To finish, not only will I not wash my trash, I now laugh at a program I was totally for in the beginning.

John Snyder