Rendell: ‘There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women’

The Philadelphia Republican Party is criticizing former Mayor and Gov. Ed Rendell for comments made to the Washington Post.

Rendell was discussing Donald Trump’s appeal to voters in the Philadelphia suburbs in an interview with reporter David Weigel.

“Will he have some appeal to working-class Dems in Levittown or Bristol? Sure,” he said. “For every one he’ll lose one and a half, two Republican women. Trump’s comments like, ‘You can’t be a 10 if you’re flat-chested,’ that’ll come back to haunt him. There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women. People take that stuff personally.”

Joe DeFelice, chairman of the city GOP, noted that Rendell chairs the campaign of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Katie McGinty.

“It’s not excusable that McGinty’s campaign chairman feels entitled to sound off on women’s appearances even as he critiques Donald Trump for doing just that, without even a sense of the intense hypocrisy he embodies,” he said.

Local Republicans recalled a couple of Rendell’s past comments. In 2008, he said Janet Napolitano — who is single and has no children — was a good choice to head the U.S. Department of Homeland Security because she had “no life.” In 2013, he called New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte a “dumbbell.”

Also in the Post article, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 boss John Dougherty dismissed Trump’s appeal.

“There’s still a little frustration, a little racism in this world,” Dougherty said. “The novelty of Donald Trump will wear off, okay?” ••