Volunteers return to Poquessing Creek Park for second cleanup

One Philly Spring Cleanup day wasn’t enough to cover the Poquessing Creek Park, so volunteers decided to go back for a second shot at it.

On April 30, 15 volunteers returned to McNulty Road, east of Townsend Road, and collected 17 bags of trash, while removing 17 tires and other discarded items from the park. The Friends of Poquessing Watershed coordinated the event. Two weeks earlier, 28 volunteers had removed 100 bags of trash, 117 tires and 58 bags of recyclable cans from the same area.

The latest group of volunteers included Geoff Boyce, Samantha Thompson, Hans Brolinson, Jane and Ted Holcombe, Jeanne Capone, Ed Tittermary, Denise Basile, Mark DePasquale, Shaelynn Dischinger, Deandra DePasquale and Vincent Esposito, along with three adults who were listed only as Matt, Alicia and Frank. Five of the volunteers represented the Parkwood Therapeutic Riding Academy at Black Lake Run Farm. The group got an assist from Dawn Woods of the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee, who disposed of the trash that had been collected.

Some of the items removed from the park were a broken milk crate, a crock pot lid, a set of dishes, two propane tanks, four fan screens, a plastic pot, four sofa cushions, the back of a TV, a hose, vinyl siding, a section of carpet, a kitchen trash bin, a recliner, wooden boards, a pocketbook, a broken arrow, a bicycle basket, a broken ski pole, a broken Big Wheel, a bumper cover, a hubcap, a motorcycle fuel tube, a piece of car grill and four five-gallon buckets.

For information about future park cleanups and the Friends of Poquessing Watershed, visit www.friendsofpoquessing.org as well as the group’s Facebook page. ••