New conservatorship property unveiled in Mayfair


The Mayfair Community Development Corporation and Scioli-Turco Inc. recently held a ribbon cutting on their new conservatorship property at 3318 Bleigh Ave.

CDC chairman Joe DeFelice said the property was an eyesore. An elderly person with no next of kin died and wasn’t found for several days, as about a dozen cats roamed the property.

“This property did serious harm to the value and quality of life of surrounding properties, and thanks to Act 135, initiated by our state representative, John Taylor, we are proud to announce that this is a beautiful single family property now listed on the MLS,” he said. “We would also like to thank City Councilman Bobby Henon and his staff for their help in dealing with the city on a myriad of issues that this property faced. Through our process, we were able to hire a local contractor, George “Sonny” Lamonde, and Realtor, Jen Curran, of Re/Max Millenium.”

The Mayfair CDC and Scioli-Turco Inc. partnered on two previous projects. ••


Good as new: The Mayfair Community Development Corporation and Scioli-Turco Inc. held a ribbon-cutting
ceremony for a conservatorship property on Bleigh Avenue. Once an eyesore, the remodeled home is now on the market. MARIA YOUNG / TIMES PHOTO