Pennypack Park enjoys spring cleaning

Pennypack Park is a lot greener after 32 volunteers removed 60 bags of trash from the Sandy Run area during the monthly cleanup event held by the Friends of Pennypack Park on May 28.

Workers gathered at the Sandy Run entrance on the 2900 block of Ryan Ave. and removed debris from the area, which abuts the campus of Austin Meehan Middle School, Sandyford Avenue and Lexington Avenue.

In addition to the bagged trash, volunteers collected one bag of recyclable cans and removed various other items from the woods, including a shopping cart, parts from a second shopping cart, three trash can lids, part of a garage door, a baby stroller, a kitchen knife, eye drops, two lawn flags, two towels, a flower pot, a concrete mixing tray, a T-shirt, a pair of loafers, ping-pong balls, part of a bumper, a St. Jerome’s class photo, four sandbags, an empty Heineken keg (small), plastic bottles, a sewer “no dumping” label, a SEPTA student pass, two empty spray paint canisters, medical scissors, orange mesh fencing and a computer tablet.

The volunteers included Shannon Edelman, Erin Edelman, Kenneth Edelman, Karen Fox, Abigail Fox, Lisa Hiegl, Michael Hiegl, Matt Hiegl, Jason Hiegl, Celia Hiegl, Jim Cantwell, Alan Kaminsky, George Radyshewsky, Robert McMunn, Sondra Greenberg, Marie Coyle, Rich Glaser, Paul Szymanski, Kathy Volack, Joan Henry-Graham, Roland Williams, Alan Trachtenberg, Andrew Puzdrak, Joyce Ferrero, Kevin Sweetra, George Scholl and Nance Kerns, as well as five additional volunteers completing their community service obligations.

The Community Life Improvement Program assisted in the effort with Mike Beutenmeuller, Jim McPeak, Ed Okupinski and Reggie Weeks.

The next monthly park cleanup will be on June 25. Volunteers will meet at Welsh Road and Cresco Avenue. They should wear long pants, sunblock, bug repellent and comfortable, sturdy footwear. Call 215–934-PARK or email to for information, including weather cancellations. ••