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Letter to the Editor: Krasner should drop out now

A message to Larry Krasner and his supporters:

Congratulations for your primary victory in the race for Philadelphia district attorney. Like many, I like to think I have an open mind when it comes to the problem of crime in the city. But as I am also not one to mince words. I will say that if you believe your top priority is anything else but ensuring the safety of the citizens of Philadelphia, withdraw your candidacy and save yourself and the people of Philadelphia a lot of grief.

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Your job, first and foremost, is to keep those who would do harm to others off the streets. What do think will happen if would-be criminals become emboldened because they feel there will be no retribution for their actions? It is not your job to try to figure out why there are disproportionate numbers of certain groups of people in prison. People wind up in prison because they lack respect for the lives and property of others as well as themselves. And it’s mainly because they’re born to people who are unable or don’t have the desire to teach them.

So I’ll be perfectly blunt; if more citizens are hurt or killed by those who should not be on the streets, you could be held accountable and your reign of district attorney may not turn out to be a long one. Because no matter what the race, color or creed; most people in the city want the same thing.

To have safe neighborhoods for themselves and their children. To feel their kids are safe when going to, being in and coming home from school. To feel the police can be trusted to be there when needed and will serve the best interest of the public. And to feel we have a DA who is there to ensure the safety of all Philadelphia citizens and to see to it that those who would do harm are not allowed to walk among us.

So once again, Mr. Krasner; if you believe your job as DA would be anything else than what I’ve mentioned above, there would be no shame in bowing out now. It is understandable that some feel their goals and objectives may not be in line with the obligations of a certain position. But if you believe your job is to ensure the safety of all citizens, then good luck on what should be an easy victory for you and we welcome your ideas on how to accomplish the above.

Peter DiGiuseppe


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