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Alleged kidnapper flees police standoff in Frankford

After a two-hour standoff with police, the victim got free, but so did the alleged kidnapper.


A suspected kidnapper escaped after a two-hour standoff with police in Frankford on June 28.

The confrontation began at about noon at the Avondale Apartments at Arrott and Leiper streets when police responded to a 911 call indicating that a woman was being held captive inside an apartment. As officers arrived on the scene, a woman fled the building and identified herself as the victim.

“She stated she was at this apartment and being held against her will,” Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum of Northeast Detectives said.

Police learned the suspect was still inside. Rosenbaum said he spoke to the man briefly by telephone.

“I had one 10-second conversation with him by phone and he hung up,” Rosenbaum said.

Police declared a barricade situation and sent SWAT officers to secure the scene. They ultimately forced their way into the apartment, but the suspect was not there. He may have fled through a plumbing access door or a window, Rosenbaum said. Authorities did not release the suspect’s name. ••


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