Letter to the Editor: Philly the next Detroit

Philadelphia is introducing a low-income assistance program that offers payments starting at $12 a month and is open to those who haven’t fallen behind on their bill. This expanded assistance program costs $18 million annually, and it has already affected water rates (increasing 10 percent over two years).

The Kenney administration is responsible for this. They are frustrated with the city’s options for those who struggle to pay their water bill. Under this new model, payments will be tied to their income and not their water usage. Instead of actively pursuing the delinquent payments or limiting the water usage, the burden is shifted to those who are being responsible.

Here’s another reason for not living in the city — if you’re a hard-working, responsible person. In this city, you are punished if you pay your bills, maintain your house, educate your children and work full time. There is absolutely no reason for my two college-educated kids to live in the city when they move out.

They can live within a short drive to Bucks or Montgomery County, and still enjoy a brief visit to the city’s attractions. (We food shop in Rockledge and Southampton, anyway.)

Mr. Mayor, you are making decisions that will affect the sustainability of the city in the long term. Eventually, your Democratic way of thinking will implode this city, and it will be Detroit 2.0.

Chris Kelly

Fox Chase