Letter to the Editor: Stop the welfare queens

In the not-too-distant past, there was a time when a certain stigma was associated with being on public assistance. There was a little sense of embarrassment when presenting food stamps at the supermarket and collecting the welfare checks. People used to feel a sense of guilt from taking free stuff and living off the backs of hardworking taxpayers. That stigma served as a motivator to do what was necessary to get oneself out of that situation and better themselves.

Now, there is not only no stigma, but some seem to wear welfare like a badge of honor. They seem to almost be proud of the fact that they can get things for free that others must work to pay for. Some also seem to not want to make any effort to better themselves. And why should they if they can get things for free without any guilt attached?

Social programs like those were put into place to help people who may have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own, get back on their feet and become self-sufficient. They were not meant to be a way of life with the exception of those who may be permanently disabled and unemployable.

No one is against programs to help people get a leg up and better themselves. What myself and millions of others are against are those who take taxpayer dollars for themselves and their families but make no effort to even try to better themselves. And to make it even worse, they seem to demand more.

Even though people on welfare get money to buy food for their kids, they demand that schools and other institutions provide free breakfast, lunch and dinner for their kids. There are now summer meal programs so that lazy people who don’t work will not have to provide their kids with meals during the summer.

Some like to use the idiotic phrase “new normal” to describe these situations. But there is only one word to describe it: pathetic.

Welfare programs should be there for those who need it to get back on their feet. But it should be cut back for those who make no effort to improve themselves.

If they can’t motivate themselves, then we’ll motivate them that way. And as for those who are here illegally; they deserve nothing but a one-way ticket back to their homeland. We’ll send the bill for that after they’ve arrived safely. And they shouldn’t be allowed back until they can come legally and with something to offer; and not be a burden to over-taxed, hard working Americans.

Peter L. DiGiuseppe