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Jerusalem is right choice

Global “NO” to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as the United Nations voted against the referendum during the week of Christmas.

If “Born is the King of Israel” in the song The First Noel, why shouldn’t Jerusalem be the capital? The Holy Land is the center where all three religions reside: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. It’s only fitting to have Jerusalem the capital.

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With all the fighting in the Middle East for centuries, countries of the world still can’t come to terms for peace in the city of Jerusalem.

If all the bitterness is put aside, maybe one day, that First Noel and the Noels from here on, can be enjoyed in peace.

Happy new year 2018.

Al Ulus


Why deliver mail at night?

The Drummond Road Post Office has made Orion Road into the craphole of all mail deliveries in Parkwood.

After years of receiving our mail before noon, it’s now about 7 p.m., with the mail people wearing miners’ lights on their foreheads.

There are only about 35 houses to deliver to. About 15 yards from our houses, mail is being delivered at 9 a.m. Would it be a hardship for that person to deliver 35 more houses?

Please take this under consideration and do the right thing.

Francis McGuigan


Slow down on State Road

I would like to address the situation of State Road, from Linden Avenue to Rhawn Street, north and south.

The speed limit is 35. Maybe one out of 100 drivers drives this.

The road needs defining lane marks, and the crosswalks in front of the prisons need to be marked clearly. They are not visible.

Also, I would suggest that a traffic light be installed at the Police Academy entrance on State Road.

Joann Hutton


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