Water pipeline project begins in Bustleton

The Philadelphia Water Department will conduct a pipeline replacement project that is slated to last the next 18 months.

On Jan. 24, the Philadelphia Water Department began replacing pipelines that have outlived their useful lifespan in the Bustleton area.

John DiGiulio, a representative from PWD, stopped by the Greater Bustleton Civic League meeting Jan. 24 to answer questions from neighbors.

New water mains will be installed, disinfected and tested at various locations around the neighborhood. PWD has promised to take photos of the sites before work starts and repave the areas once work is completed to ensure all sites are left in suitable condition.

The streets to be impacted by construction are Bloomfield Avenue from Jennifer Terrace to Verree Road; Verree Road from Bloomfield Avenue to Alburger Avenue; Millwood Road from Bloomfield Avenue to Alicia Street; Alicia Street from Millwood Road to Dunmore Road; Bridle Road from Millwood Road to Marchman Road; Marchman Road from Alicia Street to Verree Road; Ferndale Road from Millwood Road to Dunmore Road; and Stelwood Drive from Alicia Street to Ferndale Street.

Work hours take place between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. It may be necessary to block off traffic and parking during some days.

Inspector Anoop George will be on site every day and will take questions from neighbors. Neighbors are encouraged to talk to him on site or call him at 215–300–0441.

The project is expected to continue through to July 31, 2019.

In other news:

• GBCL President Jack O’Hara announced that Keith Morgan of Holistic Pharma confirmed to him that they will officially move into the location at 8900 Krewstown Road.

Morgan did not return a phone call from the Northeast Times, but he has consistently told the paper he is optimistic about moving forward with a spring opening date near the end of the year’s first quarter.

Last week, Morgan told the Times that Holistic Farms had begun its first harvest in western Pennsylvania. It typically takes about three or four months for the product to grow, and then longer to process and package.

O’Hara and Morgan have been discussing the design of the building and exchanging plans.

“We’ve got to make this a spectacular-looking store,” O’Hara said.

• In a close vote, neighbors voted in favor of a use variance proposed for a vehicle sales and rental and repair area located at 9999 Global Road. The property will be used in conjunction with other nearby lots as a place for PA Auto Sales to repair cars, and will not be for public use.

The same company owns another lot at the intersection of Bustleton Avenue and Norwalk Road, and has secured a bigger lot at the intersection of Roosevelt Boulevard and Bennett Road. The three lots will be used to repair and sell cars.

Customers will peruse and pick out cars at the Roosevelt/Bennett location, maintenance will be performed on Global Road, and customers will pick up their car at Bustleton/Norwalk.

The variance was approved with a vote of 20–15.

• The Bustleton Bengals gym has a tentative groundbreaking day of March 15. The buy-a-brick fundraising initiative to help raise funds for the gym is ongoing. Visit bustletonbengals.org for more information.

• The next meeting will take place Wednesday, Feb. 28, at the American Heritage Federal Credit Union at 2060 Red Lion Road. ••