Marijuana dispensary now eyeing summer opening

The medical marijuana dispensary opening at 8900 Krewstown Road is now expected to open before the end of Q2.

Holistic Pharma is now eyeing a summer opening date for its medical marijuana dispensary in Bustleton.

“We are looking to open before the end of Q2,” said Keith Morgan of Holistic Pharma.

This is the second time opening has been delayed. Previously, it was aiming for an early spring opening. The company had to ask for an extension even for that, because Pennsylvania first gave dispensaries a cutoff until December 2017 to open.

The sister company, Holistic Farms, is nearing the end of its first grow and will soon be ready to harvest product. Pennsylvania recently expanded its medical marijuana program to allow a second wave of business applications. Businesses will have until May 17 to apply. After the first wave, 27 businesses were awarded licenses. ••