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Letters to the Editor

Stop complaining, Carlos

In response to Carlos Ramon Perez’s Letter to the Editor, “Learn English, Russians,” published on Nov. 14:

In response to Carlos Ramon Perez, you’re asking why some people get annoyed and frustrated when Latinos speak their language. No one is complaining about people speaking any language between themselves, certainly not the Russians. People can speak any language they want within their own community, the Amish have been doing it for centuries. You say that you see every day how the Russian immigrants speak their language, and no one says anything to them.

Well, I’ve no idea how you can see it, but nevertheless you’ve been complaining about it for a while now. But you can rest assured their children are speaking English to them. You ask why it is OK for whites from other countries, like Russia, to speak their language and nobody cares? It is because when the Amish, the Russians, the Middle Easterners or the Africans deal with the government, they do it in English. When they vote, they use English.

You say this is America, speak English. Make the Russians speak English like everyone else.

Well, my friend, you’re right, this is America, but because it is America we are free to speak any language we want within our communities and if you don’t like it, push 1 for English next time.

Miguel Santiago


Squatter law is ridiculous

It is amazing to me that someone can come into your house that you pay the mortgage, the utilities and all the expenses and be told that the invaders of your property can’t be arrested. That is what in my opinion squatters are invaders of your property. The fact that someone, somewhere wrote this into law is ridiculous.

This law should be simply written as if someone breaks into your home, that is criminal trespass. The cops should be able to come arrest these people, and you get your home back. It’s time for common-sense laws to be written. People shouldn’t have to deal with this stuff. It’s their home. They bought and paid for it. It’s their’s.

David Lee


Thanks for your honesty

To the person who found my credit cards, license and gift cards at the Parkwood Wawa, thank you. It’s so nice there are still honest people.

Linda Maule


Price of free healthcare

In response to Mary Ann Cash’s Letter to the Editor, “Insurance for all,” published on Oct. 31:

In response to Mary Ann Cash, who asked, “Why can’t we have health care like England and Canada?” — for some people, socialism and free everything is always the answer, except for those who have to live with it. I suggest that, before you and others heap praise on health care in other countries, such as the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and Canada and other systems like them, I suggest you invest some time to research what the care provided by these systems is really like.

Look up, “NHS runs out of money.” This happens from time to time, and when it does, the doctors go home and the patients wait. Right now, 50,000 people in the UK are waiting. Some patients don’t live long enough for their surgery.

Yes, health care for all is not free, there is a price. But in this country, it is available for everyone. Health care in the United States, while not perfect, is better, far more advanced and is available to more people than anywhere else in the world. Our family has had personal experience with the NHS.

Matthew Arrell


Adopt a pet, be happy

I heard some people say that you cannot buy love and happiness, but they are wrong. You can buy love and happiness. All a person needs to do is go to any animal shelter. When that person leaves, he or she will carry out lots of love and happiness.

I ask all landlords to please allow your tenants to have a pet. You could put a paragraph in the lease that makes the tenant fully responsible for the actions of his pet. You can also make the tenant pay a security deposit. My husband and I did. There are many animals living in cages who need a home and many responsible people who need the love and happiness a pet will give them.

Nancy Borland


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