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Meditation Column: Remain fit and healthy


Fit, defined as an adjective, means that something is suitable of the same required quality, to go along with something that is already happening or in existence. It also may refer to one’s physical or mental condition, or when one thing, thought, behavior, group of people, etc. coincides well with something else or each other. For the purpose of our meditation practices, we acknowledge that the result of our practice (present conscious awareness) fits everything we do.

Meditation is the practice that leads humans to levels of conscious awareness, which improves the quality of their lives as well as the condition of the planet through their behaviors. Meditation practices do not conflict with anyone’s belief system, political or nonpolitical stance, feelings about themselves or others, the world, etc. Meditation fits your theology (see theology – wakingupwithpatrick.com). The practice does not call on you to change what you believe, what you do, whom you associate with, what flag you wave, or what religion you follow. Meditation practices fit everyone and everything you currently believe and do. The resulting state of present moment conscious awareness improves the quality of your life and brings a deeper level of joy and love to everything you do. Meditation fits.

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Meditation is not about taking on more, it’s mainly about letting go. It reduces the amount of intrusive, often negative, workings of your mind that interfere with your life. You become relaxed, confident, patient, loving, less stressed, rarely bored, etc. Regardless of what you do or believe, meditation and you are a good fit!

A meditation: So we know the practice fits so let’s “fit” it in. When it comes to your mind, here and there, throughout your day, or not, try some meditations. Focus your awareness on something while you observe the thoughts going through your mind, acknowledge the thought and then return to your point of focus. If the mind leads you into a mental movie or fantasy, as soon as you realize you’ve been pulled in, returned to your point of focus. As you do, observe whether the practice conflicts with any of your current ways of thinking, it should not. Meditation fits your life.

It’s a new day. Your day… ••

For more on this topic and meditation practices, visit wakingupwithpatrick.com

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