Boscov’s supports children’s charity

Boscov’s has announced a new in-store and online partnership with Melissa & Doug, the Connecticut-based toy maker, and its support of the company’s Take Back Childhood campaign.

Melissa & Doug toys are created around the company’s core mission of inspiring open-ended play.

The Take Back Childhood campaign focuses on fostering unscheduled, open-ended play time in an effort to promote creativity, inspire imagination and reveal children’s passions.

“At Melissa & Doug, we believe it’s through unstructured, open-ended play that children discover themselves, their passions and their purpose. That’s why we’ve focused for more than 30 years on making toys that nurture creativity and imagination in children,” said Melissa Bernstein, co-founder of Melissa & Doug.

“Melissa is an expert in early childhood development and is passionate about giving childhood back to kids; giving them time to be curious, time to be creative and time just to be, in this overly scheduled and overly stimulated world. Her company is committed to igniting imagination and a sense of wonder in all children. We’re delighted to partner with Melissa & Doug and support their movement. At Boscov’s we believe it’s time to Give Childhood Back to Kids,” Jim Boscov said.

Boscov’s has Melissa & Doug shops to all stores. The shops feature an extensive assortment of Melissa & Doug toys, all at special pricing offering customers a special savings, and an in-store Play Area where kids can play, test and explore the latest Melissa & Doug toys, such as the Fresh Mart Grocery Store and Star Diner Restaurant.

Boscov’s, in business for more than 100 years, has 47 stores in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio and Connecticut.

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