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Greater Bustleton seeks more details on warehouse

The Greater Bustleton Civic League’s February meeting brought a unanimous zoning vote, updates on crime and the Bustleton Bengals and discussion about 1 Red Lion Road.


Bustleton neighbors voted not to support a zoning variance and discussed the lack of information about the massive warehouse at 1 Red Lion Road at the Greater Bustleton Civic League’s February meeting.

A resident requested to the neighbors that his house at 8828 Roosevelt Blvd. be allowed to be renovated to a two-family dwelling. The owner said the house was already illegally used as a duplex before the current owner bought the building. No duplexes are allowed in the building’s current zoning code.

The ground floor would be used for the owner’s parents and the upper floor would be used for tenants. Residents raised concerns about lack of parking and trash from previous tenants. Neighbors voted unanimously not to support the renovations.

The ZBA hearing date is March 6 at 4:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, discussion continued about the activity at the massive warehouse at 1 Red Lion Road. Commercial Development Corp. purchased 138 acres of the former Budd Co. railcar plant, with previously reported plans to construct three buildings that will take up more than 1.6 million square feet.

“We’re not against any development being done there, but we just want to know, and we would like to know from someone that they’re watching our backs,” GBCL president Jack O’Hara said.

In other news, 7th Police District Capt. Robert Ritchie said there were 14 thefts from vehicles. He also talked about a robbery at a CVS located near the intersection at Bustleton Avenue and Tomlinson Road. Ritchie said two people convinced an 85-year-old man to give them money he was about to deposit into MoneyGram. They stole the money, which totaled $825, and knocked the man to the ground as they fled.

“I’m telling you with 100 percent certainty, 99 percent of people looking to approach you that you don’t know are probably up to no good,” Ritchie said, while encouraging neighbors not to engage with strangers if they approach.

Ritchie also gave credit to Vince Tarducci and Christine McNicholas for their involvement in the recent opening of the John Marynowitz Gymnasium.

“There were a lot of people who worked to get [the gym] to where it is,” O’Hara agreed. “These guys have been working as volunteers and they have their first gym. It’s a real solid addition to the community.”

Tarducci announced that the Bengals weren’t taking a break just yet, as neighbors can still purchase bricks engraved with their names that will be displayed outside the gym. Visit BustletonBengals.org to learn more. In addition, the Bengals will host a clothing drive on April 27 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., which is also baseball opening day.

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