Friends of Pennypack Park spruces up Little City

The Friends of Pennypack Park cleaned Little City/Rhawn Street on April 27.

The heavy winds blew in 42 volunteers, who filled 31 bags of trash and cans.

Volunteers included the Hiegl Family – Jason (a Boy Scout), Amelia (Commonwealth Charter Academy), Celia and Lisa; the Boudreau family and friends – Susan Ream, Gabriel Boudreau, Anna Boudreau, William Cheeseman and Daniel Cheeseman; the father and son team of Keith and Malcolm Cunningham; the mother and daughter team of Emma and Kathy Christensen; the husband and wife team of Pat and Steve Harvey; the Sandmeyer Serves team from Sandmeyer Steel – Laurel Backert, Cheri Rider, Sue Donahue, Donna Martin, Phinney Beard and Robert Holloway.

First-time volunteers were Sony Sawad, Joann Blaney, Sherry Young, Lilila Barova and Barbara Anchess.

Returning volunteers were Dean Lynd, Tim McAndrews, Will Toffling, Linda Davies, Robert McMunn, Edward Davis, Frank Gallagher, Alan Kaminsky, Rich Glaser, David El, Ralph Smith, Joyce Ferrero, Andrew Puzdrak, Audrey Walmsley, Patty Everly and Nance Kerns.

Volunteers removed 30 bags of trash and a bag of cans.

Items included a tube of Burt’s Bees lip balm; the head of a small metal leaf rake; part of a socket wrench; a paint can opener; a men’s red fleece winter coat; a flip flop; a biking shoe; six empty quarts of motor oil; a license plate; a postal crate; three plastic Easter eggs with candy; and a working pocket watch with a skull painted on it and the wrong time.

FOPP thanks Jim Hunsburger, of the city Department of Parks and Recreation, along with Mike Lugo, for coming by with a trash truck.

The group will be back in action on Saturday, May 25, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the park entrance on northbound Torresdale Avenue, between Rhawn Street and Holmesburg Prison.

Volunteers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult. FOPP supplies gloves, grabbers, pretzels and water.

Call 215-934-PARK. ••