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Meditation Column: Change comes effortlessly through meditation practice

Change defined is causing or making something to become different, having an effect on the future unfolding of a moment or event. Change or changing often refers to something becoming different than it was before. We’re all responsible for some change. Some change we do purposefully in order to accomplish a goal or to make something happen. You’ve done it. You’ve changed this to make that happen, or you’ve changed that to make this happen. Through meditation practices, change comes effortlessly and through that change we move toward a life of conscious awareness. Love, peace and joy come to the forefront of our lives. We stress less and relax more. Those around us are aware of the change, drawn toward it, and shared consciousness is achieved.

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The student of meditation becomes aware of change in themselves as they continue their studies. Some of the change occurs as they allow learned, repetitive, compulsive, perceived negative thoughts to flow through their minds with conscious awareness. Aware of the thought, aware of its impact on their minds and body and aware of their conscious present being watching it all unfold. Consciously present, unaffected by the workings of their minds. Allowing, causing and having an effect on their lives. Change! Changing from a mindset of random or consistent compulsive thinking that interferes with the quality of life.

Some teach that meditation practices allow space in your mind for change to happen. The teacher said “when you meditate,” focused attention on an object or happening while you non-judgmentally observe the thoughts going through your mind and returning your focus when and if you have been pulled into the stream of thought, “over a short time or lifetime your mind quiets, allowing your mind to process thoughts undisturbed and setting the stage for change.”

A meditation for change, try it out here and there or do not. During meditation or awareness of presence (meditation leads to a state of conscious presence), bring your awareness to the sensation in your mind and body as you let go of a thought by bringing your focus back to your object of meditation. Try it also when you bring your awareness to moments your mind is in the past or future. Observe the change in the moment. An example would be allowing the passing of what you may define as a negative thought. Some call it relief, freedom, the end of suffering; some refer to it as a moment of conscious present awareness, which always leads to change.

It’s a new day. Your day. ••

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