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Letters to the editor

Lock up lawbreakers

Our protective mayor opposes Senate Bill 531, which would prohibit local municipalities from regulating firearms. Listen closely, Mr. Kenney and city officials. And this goes for you, too, “Let ‘em out of jail” Larry Krasner. If you want to protect the people of Philadelphia, keep those who do harm to innocent people off the streets.

People like Kenney and Krasner don’t believe a theft of anything under $500 constitutes a serious crime. How about when that piece of garbage gets a little bolder for more and carries a weapon next time?

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Not only are people like Kenney and Krasner all for letting offenders out of prison for supposedly non-violent crimes (they consider dealing cocaine and heroin one of those non-violent crimes), they are tying the hands of the police in this city so that they rarely engage in proactive policing for fear of retribution.

A few weeks ago, a big fight was breaking out after school at Cottman and Frankford avenues. There were at least 30 kids, and the police tried as best they could to disperse the crowd before the situation escalated. One big, obnoxious girl had the audacity to shove the officer, he shoved this princess in her own mind right back. Good for him. But all the other kids had their cell phones in the air, recording and ready to edit to make it look like the police were using excess force. The crowd did not disperse till an officer on a motorcycle rode right down the middle of the sidewalk into the melee. Once again, good for him.

Homicides have risen 12% from 2017 to 2018 after Kenney and Krasner had a year in office. Sorry, guys, that’s not protecting the public. And if you think you’re going to take away our means of defending ourselves, think again; it’s not going to happen.

If the police could be everywhere at every time, I would gladly sell my firearm. But we know that’s an impossibility. Look at cities like those in Montana that allow any of its law-abiding citizens to carry firearms, and you will see how much lower their violent crime rates are compared to ours.

Bottom line; if you want to keep people safe, keep those who would harm them off the streets.

Peter DiGiuseppe


Advice for Nancy Pelosi

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi represented a Center City ward, and was, of course, a Sixers fan, she should say: Trust the Process.

E.T. Friel

Fox Chase

Clean abandoned mines

Have you ever driven by a mountain where the top of it was bare and exposed? Have you ever seen streams that have turned a different color? These are only a few ways coal mining can harm our environment. The single-largest source of contamination for our state’s rivers and streams is actually old mining pollution. About 5,500 miles of streams are continually polluted by coal mining in the state.

About 1/3 of the nation’s abandoned mine land problems are found right here in Pennsylvania. And it will cost billions of dollars to clean these mines up and protect the public from harmful materials.

Recently, a bipartisan group of congress members led by Rep. Matt Cartwright and Rep. Glenn Thompson have introduced legislation to put forth $300 million for the cleanup of these blighted sites.

This bill would help clean up the polluted rivers, fill in abandoned mines and make the surrounding environment clean. I love being outdoors, and having to go by these polluted streams, rivers and barren mountain tops is devastating to see. We must take action on this issue and support this bill to take us in the right direction. I encourage other Pennsylvania congressional members  to follow suit and cosponsor this bill, and thank Reps. Cartwright and Thompson for introducing this bill.

Justin Cucchi

Villanova Student

Too many shootings

District Attorney Krazy Krasner is reducing the prison population by allowing criminals to roam our streets instead of being locked up.

Loony Liberal Mayor Kenney has made Philadelphia into a “Sanctuary City,” which is supposed to be a safer place.

We have so many shootings every day on our streets.

How much worse can the place they came from be?

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

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