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Rich people work harder

I’m becoming very intolerant about the rantings of politicians about the mythical unequal distribution of wealth. The wealthy bear the brunt of taxation by paying more in taxes than the majority of the population. Instead of demonizing the wealthy, maybe some of these whining low-income people should try to find out what they did to become wealthy. Wealthy people work hard to achieve success and it comes with making sacrifices and striving to make better life choices. That includes not having children they can’t afford to take care of, waiting to make that choice when they can afford to do so, staying away from drug and alcohol abuse and staying away from crime. Everyone has the same opportunities to make good or bad choices.

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And yes, there are some who inherit wealth, but why should we fault them because their parents worked hard and made those good life choices so their children could have a step up in life? So to those complaining about how some people have much and they don’t, come up with an idea and do something with it, start a business, a company, or start working at a business you’re interested in and show initiative and that you really want to learn that business.

I have never worked for a poor person nor does anyone I know. The people I worked for tried to make good life choices, sacrificed, built companies and then hired people to help them operate it. If you keep showing up at a business and tell them you are honestly willing to learn and would love the opportunity, with persistence you will eventually be hired. Maybe at the bottom, but it’s a start.

I have previously said, and still feel the same way — we should always be willing to help those who’ve fallen on hard times or have made mistakes. But in return, those people must show they’re trying to help themselves. But when people willfully make poor life choices over and over because they know taxpayers will pay for their continued irresponsibility, it’s time to cut them off from the gravy train.

Peter DiGiuseppe


The mayor is out of touch

While I understand – hardly condone – a mayor baffled into inaction by soaring poverty, drugs, crime, welfare, his own modest intellect, I can’t excuse foot-dragging over simple, easily corrected urban issues: 26,000 illegal signs, many with phone numbers; 14-year-old sex slaves in Roosevelt Boulevard no-tell motels; trucks permanently parked on active sidewalks.

Does Kenney not live among the electorate he serves? Is he helicoptered each night to a yacht anchored mid-Delaware? A blind monk might prove more astute.

Jerry Briggs


Show me the money

I don’t understand the rhetoric that’s coming from presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Beto O’Rourke, attacking capitalism as “evil.”

Bernie just raised $10 million for his campaign, and Beto raised $6 million.

So where do they think this money is coming from? If it weren’t for capitalism coming from the “great American dollar,” how would these two individuals raise all that money?

In Bernie’s mind, he still has that old image of the Russian propaganda posters that shows the American people should be in the farm fields with a scythe in their hands, cutting up wheat stalks, not out in the workforce earning money.

How do Bernie and Beto explain the nation’s budget if we didn’t have capitalism? The country runs on money as well as money needed for infrastructure, the military and, for that matter, money for Bernie’s and Beto’s salaries.

The only oxymoron about their beef about capitalism is that these two hypocrites are against capitalism.

Al Ulus


Philly needs a change

Many big cities in this country are corrupt because of power and money.

The big reason Philadelphia is so corrupt is because Democrats have been in control for almost 70 years.

Unless a change comes with a Republican mayor, nothing will change in Philadelphia.

Only the FBI can stop some of the corruption.

Harold Schlamovitz


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