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Letters to the Editor

Great job by Jean Broden

Thanks, Northeast Times, for your support of local artists. In the July 10 issue, Jack Tomczuk wrote A dream come true, the article about Fox Chase artist Jean Broden. Because of the story of her commitment to art, I decided to make the trek down to Old City to see Jean’s first solo exhibit at Muse Gallery. Being a former painter and also having a previous article about my own first solo exhibit of photographs in the Northeast Times in 2013, I felt compelled to see more of Jean’s paintings. The trip was well worth the visit despite the hot temperatures and travel time on SEPTA.

Jean proved her ability “to push color,” as she said in the Times article. She uses her gift to bring her paintings to life and also puts new twists on ordinary objects. In her paintings, she used the metallic shine of an old toaster in one. In another, an art deco ice cooler. 

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She gives the viewer a reflection of the room where the objects reside, thus creating a painting within a painting. Jean’s landscapes are infused with her strong observation of location, and her color sophistication holds the viewer to observe her painting magic. In her landscapes, we find many of the iconic views found in our area as well as places few of us have ever seen. In a former manufacturing neighborhood, she presents us with a building that looks like a large sculpture from another era. In a night scene, she takes us to an ordinary brick rowhouse on a small street and makes it come to life. 

I look forward to seeing her next show and believe that her leap to becoming a full-time artist is the right one.

Cindy Masiejczyk

Fox Chase

Stop poaching at Pennypack

My wife and I love to walk along the trail in Pennypack Park, but the other day we witnessed something very disturbing.

While on our walk, we observed someone using a gill net. This net was stretched across an entire section of the creek. This type of net is indiscriminate and catches several types of wildlife.

We also observed a group of people using sifting screens and pans along the water’s edge. I guess they were after the fresh-water clams and small snails that are in our park. This type of practice has to be illegal. I have a fishing license, and fish a lot around Pennypack Park and have noticed a decline in size of sunfish, bluegills and other fish.

This is poaching and has to stop. There should be a ranger on duty at least most of the day to help stop this illegal activity.

Ed Vanderslice

Bell’s Corner

While Those Bullets Fly

Run with me for cover.

Run with me for your life.

Best not to think twice,

While those bullets fly.

Come pray here with me.

Come lay here next to me.

Just don’t make a sound,

While the gunman’s around.

Ask your God for protection.

Or whoever you may rely on.

Hope he can hear your words,

Through the hail of bullets.

I’ll hope it’s not your time.

And you hope it’s not mine.

Together we should be fine.

All we can do is pray now.

Run with me towards freedom.

Run with me before we die.

It’s best not to ever think twice,

While those bullets fly.

John J Ruppert


Don’t believe Bloomberg

About the study showing the soda tax reduced consumption by heavy users, could you find an organization more biased against soda than Bloomberg News? I would love to see the statistics and locations where this survey was conducted. 

While we are on the subject of the soda tax, what are the income numbers? Haven’t heard anything in a while. That usually means they aren’t up to par. Thank God  Mayor Kenney decided to put money in the general fund. This way, he can make up for the $53 million tax abatement income that he and Clarke can use for low-income housing. So I guess the libraries, playgrounds and the preschools can fend for themselves.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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