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May peace be with you

“Peace” globally refers to periods of time where there is no war or war has ended in different parts of the world. Peace refers to tranquility; moments absent of negativity. Achievable through stillness or quieting the mind, for instance, “Peace was found in the stillness of the moment.” You may have peace of mind, a sense of calm in the midst of diversity, chaos or unrest. For example, despite the woes of the world, peace can be felt in knowing that everything is unfolding to the best of its ability or everything is going to be all right. Some think of peace as comfort, a physical and emotional freedom from distress, pain or discontentment. You can look for peace, be peaceful, emanate peace, be the peace, achieve peace, etc. For many, peace eludes us. Despite its ever presence underneath the functions of our minds, and the happenings around us, the sensation bliss provides escapes many of us.

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Many a spiritual teacher, theologian, guru, etc. believe peace is our natural state of being. They teach that this state of being (peacefulness) sits underneath the functioning of the thought-filled mind. Many believe the state of conscious peace is achieved through meditation that includes an understanding of what’s going on in the world/universe and why we are here. It is these teachings that become the focus of the student of meditation.

The teacher spoke, “Under your thoughts, desires, regrets, expectations, guilt, sadness, so on and so on, lies your true state of conscious being. This state of being consists of unconditioned, unmeasurable levels of existence. I, as your mentor, struggle to find the words that truly encompass the experience of such states of consciousness. Words merely point. The true experience of peace is felt at levels beyond words. Words are what I have for you. I refer to the love, peace and joy that underlies all the conditioned mental programming that your life’s unfolding has left you with. The human embrace, a hug, is the closest non-verbal expression of these things I can think of (a lesson for another day). Peace with its many definitions and connotations can be felt underneath all workings of the mind. Stillness, quietness that is achievable through meditation provides the space for the present moment existence of peace in your life. Peace is not achieved by the end of all the going-on in your mind and the world; rather it is felt despite such going-on. True peace is felt under the noise of mind and is not subject to outside influence. One point is to say peace exists and is evident despite the stream of thought. A knowing that although everything appears a mess, human existence is unfolding as it is. And there is peace in that knowledge.”

The student had a thought, “If I am aware of all the happenings in my mind that block the experience of peace, then the peace that is already mine will come to the forefront of my life. And the state of peace, love and joy will emanate from me so strongly that others will see it and join me in the state of conscious, present awareness.” The teacher replied, “Namaste.”

A meditation on peace; try it out, or do not. Practice some meditation (focused attention while observing the stream of thought) bringing your attention to the peace you experience from your being, your true self, as you separate from the stream of thought. Be aware of the peace and calm you feel despite what is going on in your mind. If your mind goes still, quiet, you may acknowledge a deeper awareness of the peace you feel in the moment. Regardless, the stream of thought does not have to be silent for you to be aware of ever-present peace. Either way bring your awareness to the experience of peace.

It’s a new day. ••

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