Letters to the Editor

Flyers won’t win the Cup

I was a longtime big fan of the Flyers since before the ‘74 and 75 Stanley Cup years, when the Flyers were owned by Mr. Ed Snider. Comcast owns the Flyers now and I am sure Mr. Snider is rolling over in his grave because the liberal dumb-o-cratic politically correct Comcast cast out the Flyers’ good luck charm and God Bless America-singing national treasure, Kate Smith.

They wrapped her statue in black trash bags like a burka and took her away.

I will never spend another dollar on Flyers tickets or merchandise for a mediocre team at best.

Going to a game with my wife costs hundreds after paying $25-plus to park, $12.50 for a can of beer, expensive junk food and the ticket price that probably went up again this year.

I won’t be there ever again and will have to watch the Flyers on television since I already pay a very big ransom cable bill. The curse has been cast by Kate Smith, and the Flyers will never win another Stanley Cup.

James Thivierge


Discard unused medication

Statistics tell us that 80% of active addictions start with the legal use of opioids. Most of these addictions begin with prescription medications, which were medically prescribed by a physician or a licensed professional.

It is critically important that families do not leave unused prescription medications around the home. It is imperative to discard these medications properly when they are no longer needed.

In our local community, drug take-back boxes are located at every local police station. The drug drop boxes will accept all pharmaceutical drugs, but the drug must be placed in a sealed container such as the original bottle or a zip-lock bag. Liquid pharmaceuticals should remain in the original container. Be sure to remove all personal information from the container.

Medications that are not accepted include intravenous solutions, injectable syringes, needles, compressed cylinders or aerosols, iodine-containing medications, thermometers and alcohol and illicit drugs (i.e. marijuana, heroin, etc.). In addition to fighting the opioid epidemic, proper disposal of these medications can prevent environmental hazards that impact groundwater.

The locations of local druq boxes include Lower Moreland Township Police, 640 Red Lion Road, Huntingdon Valley.

State Rep. Thomas Murt

152nd Legislative District

The bad guys will simply ignore those gun laws

Yes, our streets are violent. We have more murders per 1,000 people than Chicago since they have a million more people. What the media like to call “assault weapons” are rarely used in shootings. In fact, any rifle is rarely the weapon in a homicide. They are no more than a standard semiauto hunting rifle dressed to look military and fire one shot per one trigger pull just like any semiauto used for hunting. Ban hunting rifles, too?

Do you really think that the shootings are by people who passed background checks to obtain a lawful permit to carry or to buy a weapon at a licensed dealer?

Philadelphia law says a gun transfer requires the paperwork to record who has it that is done at any place that holds a federal firearm license that includes a background check.

This includes any private sale. Think any of the shooters obey this law, since you can buy a weapon on the street in some areas.

You can buy a weapon on the street in less time than it takes to fill out the paper for the background check at a gun dealer’s shop.

Philadelphia also has a law that, if caught with a weapon on the streets without a permit, carries an automatic two years in jail, no plea deal, no excuses.

Do you think they care? Jail time just means “street cred” among some citizens of our city.

We don’t need a bunch more laws created just to appease anti-gun interests that still won’t change a thing except to make it harder for legal, honest gun collectors, hunters and those who just enjoy target shooting at the range.

We need hardcore enforcement of the ones we have on the books already targeting street sales, straw purchases, not doing the registration and, most of all, busting street gangs.

Hezakiah Levinson