Crime Log: Sept. 2 – 15

The Northeast Times provides an overview of crimes reported to the four police districts in the Northeast. The details are based on reports compiled by the Northeast Detectives division of the Philadelphia Police Department.

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

2nd Police District

There were eight robberies, which resulted in two arrests. Thurman Cornish, 24, was arrested Sept. 12 following a robbery involving a handgun on the street at 600 Mayfair St. Mumin Cathell, 22, was arrested Sept. 10 following a robbery of a chain store at 4600 Roosevelt Blvd. Other robberies happened on the street at 7400 Algon Ave. (Sept. 7) that involved a handgun, 700 Adams Ave. (Sept. 2) that involved a weapon, 2000 Knorr St. (Sept. 12) and 1400 Gilham St. (Sept. 13), at a drugstore at 7400 Oxford Ave. (Sept. 4) and a mini market at 5700 Oxford Ave. (Sept. 15).

There were nine aggravated assaults, which resulted in four arrests. Assaults at private residences happened at 800 Magee Ave. (Sept. 2), twice at 6500 Souder St. (Sept. 5), 800 Passmore St. (Sept. 6, John Joseph Fridrich, 62), 700 Brighton St. (Sept. 9) and 5400 Bingham St. (Sept. 9, Sharoon Din, 34). Other assaults took place on the street at 800 Sanger St. (Sept. 14, Ignacio Ramos-Ortega, 43) that involved a handgun and 6200 Large St. (Sept. 7), and a bar/cafe at 700 Adams Ave. (Sept. 7, Aneury D. Espinal-Torres, 25), which involved a knife.

There were seven burglaries, most of which took place at private residences. These happened at 5100 F St. (Sept. 15), 800 Scattergood St. (Sept. 3), 900 Sanger St. (Sept. 3), 5900 Elsinore St. (Sept. 9), 300 Friendship St. (Sept. 8) and 1200 McKinley St. (Sept. 12). Edras Cortez, 30, was arrested Sept. 3 following a burglary at a restaurant at 7600 Castor Ave.

There were 78 thefts, which targeted 33 vehicles (including three stolen car phones and eight stolen vehicle tags), 32 businesses, six street thefts, five bicycles, an apartment house and an unlisted location. Nine arrests were made.

7th Police District

The three robberies each took place on the street, happening at 10200 Selmer Plaza (Sept. 9), the intersection of Byberry Road and Blakeslee Drive (Sept. 4) and a vehicle parked at 11000 Bustleton Ave. (Sept. 7).

There were no reported aggravated assaults.

The two reported burglaries took place at a private residence at 1800 Danforth St. on Sept. 10 and an apartment house at 1800 Benton Ave. on Sept. 3.

There were 25 thefts, which targeted 12 vehicles (including two stolen vehicle tags), five businesses, two street thefts, two bicycles, two nursing/retirement homes, an apartment house and a state building. Two arrests were made.

8th Police District

There were three robberies, all of which took place on the street. Hamiid Pack, 23, was arrested Sept. 14 following a robbery involving a handgun at 4600 Strahle St. Others occurred at 2800 Welsh Road that involved a knife on Sept. 6 and at 12000 Knights Road on Sept. 15.

The only reported aggravated assault took place on Sept. 6 at an apartment house at 500 Waterview Lane.

There were four burglaries and one attempt, each of which targeted private residences. Terrance Richards, 52, was arrested Sept. 7 following a burglary at 3700 Avalon St. Others took place at 12600 Medford Road (Sept. 2), 9400 Lansford St. (Sept. 15), 3200 Red Lion Road (Sept. 8) and an attempt at 2800 Maxwell St. (Sept. 9).

There were 44 thefts, which targeted 22 businesses, 15 vehicles (including two stolen vehicle tags), two street thefts, a bicycle, church/synagogue, a private residence, an apartment house and a hospital. Eight arrests were made. In addition, four vehicles were stolen and four were recovered.

15th Police District

There were 24 robberies, which yielded six arrests. Most robberies took place on the street, happening at 1600 Meadow St. (Sept. 5, Karen Houck, 33 and Gary Mitchell, 39), 7400 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 6), the intersection of Griscom and Church streets (Sept. 8), 5700 Vandike St. (Sept. 13) and 1600 Harrison St. (Sept. 14), all of which involved handguns; 3200 Magee Ave. (Sept. 11) and 5200 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 15, Juan Mulero, 37), both of which involved knives; 4900 Saul St. (Sept. 2) and 7000 Keystone St. (Sept. 8), both of which involved weapons; and 4300 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 2), 5000 Penn St. (Sept. 3), twice at 5200 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 4 and 8), 5300 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 10), the intersection of Frankford and Tyson avenues (Sept. 11), 4900 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 14), 7300 Rowland Ave. (Sept. 15) and 4800 Duffield St. (Sept. 15, Stefon Brinkley, 30). Other robberies took place at private residences at 5000 Cottage St. (Sept. 3) and 4800 Penn St. (Sept. 5), a gas station at 7200 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 3, Melvine Trappir, 34), a chain store at 6000 Harbison Ave. (Sept. 9, Charles McGinley, 30) and SEPTA property at 4600 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 10, Elaine Compuzano, 42).

There were 31 aggravated assaults, which resulted in eight arrests. There were two assaults on students on the street at 7100 Cottage St. (Sept. 7, Troy Michael, 44) and 6900 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 9). Assaults on the street happened at 2200 Orthodox St. (Sept. 14), 4500 Knorr St. (Sept. 5), 6600 Hegerman St. (Sept. 6) and 4900 Duffield St. (Sept. 4), which were domestic assaults; 5200 Horrocks St. (Sept. 3), 4700 Comly St. (Sept. 6), twice at 4600 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 6, Ahmad Abdelghani, 24), 1700 Harrison St. (Sept. 6), 6200 Brous Ave. (Sept. 8), 1100 Overington St. (Sept. 9) and 7400 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 13), all of which involved handguns; 1600 Harrison St. (Sept. 7, Jessica M. Doughtery, 26, and Edwin Quinones, 31), 6800 Cottage St. (Sept. 9, Dominic J. DiGiacomo, 35) and 4100 Roosevelt Blvd. (Sept. 9, Shaniqua Jamison, 27), all of which involved knives; 1600 Fillmore St. (Sept. 5), 5500 Tulip St. (Sept. 8), 4700 Leiper St. (Sept. 13) and four times at 7300 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 15), all of which involved weapons. Other assaults took place at private residences at 2100 E. Cheltenham Ave. (Sept. 4, Marquise McNear, 20), 5900 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 13), 5000 Ditman St. (Sept. 6), 2800 Lardner St. (Sept. 11) and 4700 Tacony St. (Sept. 14), and at apartment houses at 7200 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 7, James McCormac, 46) and 4300 Howell St. (Sept. 7).

There were 12 burglaries, most of which took place at private residences. These happened at 1700 Wakeling St. (Sept. 4), 1400 Howell St. (Sept. 11), 4500 Comly St. (Sept. 4, Tommy Hunter, 38), 4700 Benner St. (Sept. 5, Lanay Mull, 21), 4600 Castor Ave. (Sept. 6), 6100 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 13), 3200 Longshore Ave. (Sept. 3), 6700 Cottage St. (Sept. 6), 4700 Penn St. (Sept. 12) and 5900 Horrocks St. (Sept. 13). Others took place at an apartment house at 1300 Foulkrod St. (Sept. 4) and a rooming house/shelter at 5000 Penn St. (Sept. 15).

There were 90 thefts, which targeted 36 vehicles (including three car phones and eight vehicle tags), 23 businesses, 14 private residences, 12 street thefts (including a pickpocketing and a purse snatching), four bicycles and an apartment house. Ten arrests were made.