CTCA holds relaxation event for staff

Nurses hosted a relaxation and wellness event for the staff at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia.

Kerri Mack, BSN, RN, has helped organize the Health and Wellness event for CTCA staff for the past five years. The event, which offers relaxation modules such as massages and aromatherapy, is intended to help nurses and other CTCA staff relax during their high-stress jobs.

Working at a place that performs work as important as the Cancer Treatment Centers of America can put a lot of pressure on its employees. Luckily, the center is filled with nurses who know that taking care of the staff is just as important as taking care of its patients.

Twice a year, the center holds a two-day health and wellness event for the entire staff meant to relax and aid with mental, physical and overall health activities.

“We really believe in the care of the whole patient, and a lot of that is grounded in our nursing mission as well because how can we take care of a patient if we don’t take care of ourselves,” said Kerri Mack, BSN, RN, who has helped organize the event for the last five years.

Betsy Butterworth guides CTCA staff through a series of yoga-like physical stretches to help them relax their muscles.

Held over two days so day and nighttime staff could have access, this year’s event featured modalities such as aromatherapy, art therapy, massages, nutrition and physical therapy. All staff were welcome to participate, with about 80 staff members taking advantage this year.

“We focus on taking care of ourselves and how we can better serve others and especially our patients who are dealing with a lot, so it’s really important,” Mack said.