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Educate on climate change

Do you think you’re affected by climate change in your everyday life? Most will say no, but the answer is that everyone is affected. Climate change refers to any change in climate over time and is one of the most serious environmental issues in our world today. I believe the main issue is that people need to be educated on the topic.

Educating the world around us on what they can do is most important to have hope that climate change will be reduced. Our CO2 emissions are what is causing the Earth’s temperature to rise because too much heat is being trapped in Earth’s atmosphere. When the temperature rises, it causes ice to melt, therefore causing the sea levels to rise. This is what most people think of when they hear climate change, but it is much more than that.

I surveyed my roommates before I presented to them about climate change and their answers were what I expected them to be. After I presented to them about things that can be done and what certain terms were, their answers changed dramatically. For example, when asked if they thought climate change was affecting their major, they now understood why and how it can affect everyone’s major or field of work. Not only this, but they now had more in-depth views of what they can do to reduce climate change. I also posted my survey on Facebook and received very common answers and basic level knowledge, which is common because unfortunately, schools and places around us don’t think climate change is an important topic to teach about.

Overall, educating our peers on how serious climate change is and that we may not have this wonderful world to live in if no change is made, is most important for our future.

Mackenzie Wolstenholme

St. Hubert graduate, York College junior forensic chemistry major

Slumlord letter was on point

In response to Bill Heiser’s Letter to the Editor, “The slumlord capital,” published in the Northeast Times on Nov. 13. 

In regard to the letter titled The Slumlord Capital, after meeting with hundreds of Section 8 landlords, a few times or more, I must say, I would remark to whatever landlord who happened to be in my presence, “None of you landlords live in Philly.”

Mr. Heiser, therefore, was right on point. Sure, some go through some issues, some problems, but it doesn’t stop them from making trips to the bank. I’m sorry about your neighborhood, Mr. Heiser. I also live in the Northeast.

Valerie Crowley


8812 needs a good store

Here we go again. Northeast Philadelphia will have a vacant store when Mealey’s Northeast Outlet is gone at 8812 Frankford Ave. Over the years, we had two well-liked businesses occupy this building. Clover and Kmart are no longer in business.

We, the people living in or near the Frankford Avenue section of Northeast Philadelphia, could really use a one-stop shopping store that sells all items, such as clothing and household products, especially since there will be a senior apartment building going up where Liddonfield used to be on Torresdale Avenue.

Hopefully, city of Philadelphia representatives/politicians can look into this for the citizens of Northeast Philadelphia, who will be able to shop in a store for everything.

Helene Nestel

Holme Circle

Help homeless veterans

Throughout the winter months, my staff and I will be collecting winter coats for homeless veterans who are serviced by the Veterans Multi-Service Center in Philadelphia.

In addition to winter coats, our veterans need gloves, hats, scarves, thermal underwear, backpacks and toiletries.

In addition to these items, brown cotton gloves have been requested.

Please drop off these items in my district office at 19 S. York Road, Hatboro.

Thank you in advance for your kindness toward our homeless veterans.

Rep. Thomas Murt

152nd Legislative District

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