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Letters to the Editor

Climate change is dangerous

Misconceptions on climate change have been floating through the media. Climate change is a human-driven epidemic resulting in long term changes to the earth from rising temperatures, poor air quality, to extreme weather patterns. The truth is, these lasting effects on our environment are leading to undesirable effects on our economy, crops, and, most importantly, our health.

When you feel like the sun is hotter than usual and you are unable to run from the heat, are you safe? Typically, the human body is capable of regulating high temperatures due to its internal mechanisms that allow the body to return to balance. When your body is faced with high temperatures, you sweat and hyperventilate, allowing the heat to be released from your body. This is no longer working for a large portion of our population. The young and the old do not have an efficient way to cool on a hot day. Their bodies are either underdeveloped or on a decline due to aging. Another population that is affected is those who have outdoor occupations and cannot escape the UV rays. They work in high-risk temperatures to pay the bills, but is it worth their life? Many are hospitalized, and if the damage is too far, the effects are becoming fatal.

Little can be done to reverse the damage that has been done to the earth, but many steps can be taken to help reduce further effects. To limit the chances of allowing heat stress to escalate to a heat stroke, becoming educated is the best way to live safely. Having the ability to break away from the heat and head indoors is your top chance of cooling your body efficiently.

Emily Hicks


Why missed leaf collection?

Since bagging and lugging bags of leaves to collection points is next to impossible for me, a 76-year-old lifetime resident of Philadelphia, I depend on the mechanical leaf sweepers’ arrival, which is around Thanksgiving for my neighborhood. To my surprise, the mechanical sweeper sweeps all around my block and skips my block, as I see the sweeper in the distance. Another year goes by with only the wind and my hard work to take care of the leaves again.

Joe Caristo


Too much stop-and-go traffic

Why must the city of Philadelphia insist on putting a red light or a stop sign every other block? Half the people ignore the stop signs (in the Northeast), anyway. Yo, Big Jim, anything to say, or are you busy doing nothing?

Mark Ritter


It’s time to clean up I-95

Instead of worrying about construction on I-95, I think the city or state should worry about cleaning the trash on I-95.

We had relatives from Canada visit us in Philadelphia. We had to pick them up at the airport. On the way home, by I-95, our relatives could not believe how dirty the highway on I-95 was. Can’t they clean up I-95 once in a while?

Antoinette Definis


Hippy-dippy mayor

When are the masochistic citizens of Philadelphia going to wake up, stop complaining, and vote the current crop of losers out of City Hall? We have a hippy-dippy mayor who proudly takes credit for a tax that has eliminated retail jobs, thriving supermarkets, and customer traffic, while seemingly forgetting how to account for millions in city funds.

Last time I looked, the governor was a Democrat just like Mayor Hippy-Dippy.

Brian Smith

Castor Gardens

Holiday help is needed

Despite the parties, gifting and fancy decorations, the holiday season can be a difficult one for those who have lost loved ones, suffered illness or had financial setbacks.

I’m so glad that All Saints Church in Torresdale is offering a “Blue Christmas” event on Dec. 21, “a service of remembrance and hope.” More institutions should follow.

Our NE communities grow sadly more apart due to an aging population, cultural change and increased poverty. Many live alone.

I urge our local churches and community groups to offer a simple hand of fellowship — at a time when so many could use it.

Richard Iaconelli



Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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