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Crime log: March 11, 2020

The Northeast Times provides an overview of crimes reported to the four police districts in the Northeast. The details are based on reports compiled by the Northeast Detectives division of the Philadelphia Police Department.

Feb. 17 through March 1

2nd Police District

There were 11 robberies. Incidents that happened on the street involving handguns happened at 400 Sentner St. (Feb. 17), 500 Allengrove St. (Feb. 18), 1500 Longshore Ave. (Feb. 18), 5900 Algon Ave. (Feb. 19), 900 Faunce St. (Feb. 21), 1000 Longshore Ave. (Feb. 25) and 7200 Oxford Ave. (Feb. 26). Other robberies took place on the street with no weapons at the intersection of Tyson Avenue and Lynford Street (Feb. 22), 2200 Cottman Ave. (Feb. 22) and 7300 Bustleton Ave. (Feb. 28), and at a mini market at 6300 Oxford Ave. (Feb. 22).

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There were 10 aggravated assaults, which resulted in the arrests of five individuals. Mark Giwerowski, 42, was arrested Feb. 28 following a string of assaults that took place at a hotel/motel at 7600 Roosevelt Blvd. and thrice on the street at the intersection of Roosevelt Boulevard and Cottman Avenue, all on Feb. 28. Assaults on the street happened at 2400 Hartel Ave. (Feb. 20, Anthony Capelle, 54), 5800 Rising Sun Ave. (Feb. 24, Marcel Denera, 41), 7200 Bradford St. (March 1, Hakim Coles, 21), 7200 Rupert St. (Feb. 29), and an assault on police at 5700 Langdon St. (Feb. 26, Hector Sanchez-Rivera, 44). A domestic assault happened at 1000 Van Kirk St. on Feb. 25.

There were eight burglaries and two attempts. Lisadro Rerez, 48, was arrested Feb. 25 following a burglary at a private residence at 6300 Langdon St. Private residences were burglarized at 800 Granite St. (Feb. 18), 1300 Passmore St. (Feb. 19), 6200 Castor Ave. (Feb. 26), 7200 Oxford Ave. (Feb. 23) and 6100 Argyle St. (Feb. 27) as well as two attempts at 600 Brill St. (Feb. 17) and 5900 Weymouth St. (Feb. 22). Other burglaries targeted an apartment house at 6200 Castor Ave. (Feb. 26) and a daycare facility at 1700 Shelmire Ave. (Feb. 18).

There were 77 thefts, which targeted 36 businesses, 27 vehicles (including four stolen vehicle tags), seven street thefts, four private residences, a hotel/motel, a public school and a bicycle. Nine arrests were made.

7th Police District

There were no reported robberies.

There were six aggravated assaults that resulted in four arrests. Domestic assaults at apartment houses happened at 9800 Haldeman Ave. (Feb. 27, Trevor Jones Parker, 29), 10800 Nandina Lane (Feb. 22, Nargiza Mirzayev, 26) and 13500 Bustleton Ave. (Feb. 24, Abdujabbor Rozikov, 48) as well as a domestic assault at a private residence at 200 Lockart Lane (Feb. 17, Eliah Zhitnitskiy, 18). Assaults on the street happened at 9800 Bustleton Ave. on Feb. 18 that involved a handgun, and a domestic assault at 300 Buxmont St. on Feb. 19.

There were five burglaries, which took place at private residences at 1900 Arthur St. (Feb. 21), 11000 Philmont Place (Feb. 18) and 9600 Evans St. (Feb. 19), and apartment houses at 10700 Haldeman Ave. (Feb. 26) and 600 Red Lion Road (Feb. 28).

There were 29 thefts, which targeted 16 businesses, nine vehicles, three street thefts and a pickpocketing. Eight arrests were made. In addition, two vehicles were reported stolen, and two were recovered.

8th Police District

The two reported robberies took place on the street at 2900 Welsh Road on Feb. 22 with a handgun, and at an apartment house at 9600 Ashton Road on Feb. 17.

There were nine aggravated assaults. Joseph Leone, 39, was arrested Feb. 22 involving an assault with a knife on the street at 9700 Roosevelt Blvd., and Diane Thomas, 32, was arrested Feb. 17 following an assault on the street at 3400 Arthur St. Other assaults took place on the street at 8200 Roosevelt Blvd. with a knife (Feb. 24), an automobile at 700 Waterview Lane with a knife (Feb. 25), an apartment house at 11900 Waldemire Drive (Feb. 26), a private residence at 9100 Roosevelt Blvd. (Feb. 28), a public school at 9100 Academy Road (Feb. 24) and twice at prison facilities at 8000 State Road (Feb. 17 and 27).

There were no reported burglaries. 

There were 49 thefts, which targeted 31 businesses, seven vehicles, three street thefts, three private residences, an apartment house, a pickpocketing, a retirement/nursing home and two unlisted locations. Six arrests were made.

15th Police District

There were 15 robberies, which resulted in three arrests. Derrick Ceasar, 58, and Brenda M. Desantel, 35, were arrested Feb. 22 following a robbery involving a knife on the street at 6300 Torresdale Ave. Jahmeer Calhoun, 20, was arrested Feb. 23 following two robberies with handguns on the street at 4500 Aldine St. and 4400 Longshore Ave., both of which took place on Feb. 18. Robberies on the street with handguns took place at 4400 Longshore Ave. (Feb. 22), 5200 Frankford Ave. (Feb. 23), 5400 Oxford Ave. (Feb. 27), 5200 Frankford Ave. (Feb. 28) and 1400 E. Cheltenham Ave. (March 1); robberies with knives happened at 1500 Arrott St. (Feb. 19) and 5200 Saul St. (Feb. 28); a robbery with another weapon happened at 6500 Walker St. (Feb. 29); and robberies with no weapons happened at 6400 Charles St. (Feb. 20), the intersection of Cottman and Torresdale avenues (Feb. 28) and 1600 Bridge St. (Feb. 29). A robbery also took place at a private residence at 2800 Lardner St. on Feb. 25.

There were 13 aggravated assaults, which yielded four arrests. Assaults on the street happened at 4300 Cottman Ave. with a handgun (Feb. 17), four times at 1400 Alcott St., one with a knife (Feb. 28), 5800 Torresdale Ave. (Feb. 24), an assault on police at 4600 Van Kirk St. (Feb. 18, Jaime Hernandez, 20) and an assault on police at 7000 Roosevelt Blvd. (Feb. 28, Mark Giwerowski, 42). Assaults at private residences happened at 4900 Charles St. (Feb. 19, Charlotte Turner, 45), 7100 Vandike St. (Feb. 25), 4700 Oakmont St. (Feb. 21) and 1300 Sellers St. (Feb. 26, Dontay Hughes, 32). There was also an assault at a public school at 1600 Unity St. on Feb. 20.

There were seven burglaries, which targeted private residences at 1200 Pratt St. (Feb. 23), 7700 Hartel Ave. (Feb. 24), 4700 Marple St. (Feb. 26), 4800 Tackawanna St. (March 1) and 4500 Vista St. (Feb. 21). Retail locations were burglarized at 6400 Frankford Ave. (Feb. 26) and 4500 Castor Ave. (Feb. 27).

There were 92 thefts, which targeted 35 vehicles (including two stolen car phones and 11 stolen vehicle tags), 33 businesses, 13 street thefts, seven private residences, two apartment houses, a SEPTA elevated station and one unlisted location. Six arrests were made.

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