Letters to the editor

A tribute to Cpl. O’Connor

Another Cop has fallen

To a coward’s sword

He swore to protect us

But who protected him


Another Officer is down

By a coward’s cold hands

And never to hold again

His family or his friends


Another Hero In Blue

Taken way too soon

Called up to the Heavens

To stand guard forever


Over Us

John J. Ruppert


Progressives will raise taxes

The names might have changed but the giveaway programs and the overtaxation because of them will remain the same or get worse. The Democrats created the system of buying votes through giveaway programs, and the “New Progressives” have learned from them. The biggest change coming from the upheaval is higher taxes

Richard Donofry 

East Torresdale

We need more manufacturing

Let’s hope this coronavirus pandemic is a wakeup call to bring back manufacturing in America instead of outsourcing and relying on China and other countries for our goods.

Like President Trump said, and that’s why he was elected: Make America great again.

Socialist Bernie Sanders was in his glory when he saw bread lines and people at supermarkets waiting in line for toilet paper. He reminisced the day he was on his honeymoon in communist Russia.

Al Ulus